Sundays FINALLY to myself!

Finally! Had a sleep in!! Yay! woke up around 9.30am. That is unheard of. Now that most of the Jets are done and dusted, there is no more Sunday training. We decided, as we only had 2 kids at home, to go out for brekkie. We went to Burrnt Orrange and it was yummo.

Patrick and Lachlan had their football presentations so we took ourselves down to the clubrooms and WELL DONE to PATRICK! He won the coaches award! VERY PROUD! Well done to LACHLAN too! He had a tough season with his broken arm (in the first 1/4 of the first game!) and his continuous heel problems. Hopefully next year, back with his friends, will prove to be a better year for him.

Mark and I went to a friend's 50th birthday on Saturday night and I realised I hadn't made a card. I made this in about 3 minutes! Creativity doesn't usually come that quickly, but it looks better IRL. Must change the settings on my camera! I think I have it set on Fluro lights from the basketball.

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