The Scrappin Kats have a christmas card challenge on at the moment.  One card a week and each have a different criteria. I loaded mine a few weeks late :(  Pretty easy and 15 different cards at the end ! win win!

My friend Carolyn's birthday card. 

Wicked Princesses week 3 challenge was "Avant garde" The Lo had to be about the boys and have at least 20 brads or eyelets! staples, mesh paperclips etc.  I found this one a little difficult and only got it done while watching th grand final!

Lachlan turned 14 and Aden turned 17 last week.  They both decided they didn't want to do anything big and Lachlan desperately wanted an ipod touch and some clothes so seeing as he didn't do anything he got what he wanted.  He reckons his ipod is the best thing since sliced bread! 

Aden also didn't want to do anything and for the third year in a row he wasn't here when we woke up for his birthday.  We gave him some money for a flying lesson and a bracket for his tv as well as some clothes.

That is it for the birthdays (thank goodness as I am now BROKE!) now I have to start saving for Christmas (ugg)
The first week of the school holidays, we went to Albury for a basketball tournament (just for something different!)  I would have to say it was one of the best weekends (basketball just happen to get in the way!)
Needless to say we came back with NO YELLOW!
Anyway Patrick, Lachlan & Aden all made the grand finals with Partick successfully defending their title from last year.  Lachlan & Aden both lost their games by 3.  They all played really well and enjoyed themselves.

Patrick looks really happy doesn't he? NOT.

After we left Albury, we went to Rutherglen Cemetery to visit Mark's grandparent's grave.  It was a lovely little cemetery with lots of families buried togather and it was really interesting reading all the headstones.  Most actually had how they died and who they were related to.  One man had on his headstone, the woman beneathe was the first wife Mary and the woman above was Margaret!  The kids found this fascinating!

We went and had a counter meal at a little pub in Rutherglen with friends

and then on to the wineries!

We then went to Allsaints for a little wine and cheese tasting (the kids loved this!)

then we came home and ate all out TRIPLE BRIE and watched the brownlow :)


can't wait for school holidays!

I am really looking forward to having a sleep in! Not having 5 footy training sessions, 2 footy games, 10 games of basketball, 5 basketball training sessions, 3 games of netball,  NO teaching, and no school! yay.
Challenge 2 for Wicked Princesses  was circles & felt and the quote " We are shaped and fashioned by what we love" This is Lachlan Christmas morning 1996.  I am happy with myself as I have used some brushes and stars to dilute the strong colours in the background (Thanks to 3AS university Photoshop course!!!) and I liked  the results!
Enough for now....I should be cleaning! x


If you think you've got what it takes......

3AS are looking for two creative, dedicated and committed people with a positive outlook to be part of their team - if you are ready to inspire and encourage their members, be actively involved in their friendly forum, create layouts and projects each month, write articles for their newsletter and step-by-step workshops for their members -They would love to hear from you!
 They are also seeking 4 guest DT members to join them for a one month commitment each, commencing November.
To apply, email info@3angelsscrapping.com.au with DT Call or Guest DT in the subject line and the following information:

* Your name and contact details

* A little about yourself and your scrapping style

* Links to galleries/blogs where your work is currently displayed

* 2 of your favourite creations (one must be a layout)

* Step-by-step instructions to complete a layout/OTP (including photos)

* Why you would like to join the team at 3AS.

* Whether you have been or are currently on another Design Team

Benefits include being involved with an established online store, with a friendly group of crafty ladies, a fabulous design team, together with a generous discount off all purchases made at 3AS and filled to the brim kits to create with.

Applications close 3rd October 2009.


YAY! I have scrapped!

This LO is for Project Fashionista at Wicked Princesses We had to produce a LO insired by this:-
so I came up with this.......
You must include 3 different patterned papers.
 You must choose 2 only, of the following - ribbons, beads, bling, mesh, feathers and sequins.
Even feeling more happier now that I can get cutting and pasting again! :)


Such an exciting time! Our mixed netball team went to Waverley to compete in the state championships and we came away with the bronze medal!  So impressed with these guys!  We have been competing since May this year and came third out of a total of 1850 schools that participated!
I have coached the netball side since 1999 and we have been to this level twice before and this time we came away with a placing!  As it is Patrick's last year of Primary School, glad we (I) finished on a high!
AND........coz it IS all about me......here I am with MY pennant and MY medal!!! waited 10 years for that! :)


Happy 12th Birthday Paddy Boy!

My little baby Patrick was 12 the other day. He decided that he wanted to do pretty much what he did last year! He wanted to go to Gold Class and see UP in 3D and then laser tag and then the arcade games ( yeah I am made of money didn't ya know!) The Gold Class was ok because If you bought a magnum ice-cream you got a GC for half price.  It was a great day and a fabulous movie with a few sad bits nearly got a tear up!  The boys just loved the luxury of GC. They all got the kids package of  nuggets & chips OR pizza and a coke popcorn and a choc top.  Then they played laser tag (for all of 10 minutes) and then I gave them all  credit vouchers the for arcade games.

this is what I got for my $60 ($15 each!) I could of gone into the reject shop and purchased the lot for $6.00 ah well, they had a ball!
An ice-cream cake (fantastic) and all he wanted was Tech Decks and all the arenas so that he could build his own skate park!
That thing above is 9 seperate pieces and between $15-$25.  I am coming back a a children's toy maker! sheesh!