Winners & Losers!

My big baby (Christie) arose from her DEATHBED to help her Jets team defeat Mornington in the Prelim and are now in the GRAND FINAL next week. She didn't do too bad..... I drugged her up on cold & flu and panadol. She also went to school on Friday and that really tired her out. Considering she feels dreadful, she didn't do too bad. Now we just have to beat Craigieburn.......

My littlest baby (Paddy) was in a domestic prelim today and they started out fantastic, all their shots were going in and they were all playing like a team. Then all of a sudden it all went haywire...nothing went right. Anyway to cut a long story short, cause I could go on about the REAL reason we lost....but I won't, never mind, there is always next season! :) and basketball just goes on and on and on..

The boys don't care, much to their credit, Patrick and his friends had BETTER things to do. Considering they had just played AGAINST each other they are great mates.

My baby BABY is turning 11 tomorrow. He decided to take 3 friends to GOLD CLASS and have dinner at CROWN CASINO and play laser whatever.

We got to the city a little early and I gave the boys $10 each and they went to play the arcade games. This they thought was fantastic!
Then we went to gold class and they just loved ordering from the menu! "At the start, I will have a coke and some skittles and 15 minutes in I will have a choc top and half way through I will have some maltesers and another drink!" They thought they were in heaven.
Once they got into the actual cinema, they certainly made themselves comfortable!They loved the chairs and how far they reclined and the waitress bringing them food every 15 minutes and the movie HELLBOY 2 ( I think I fell asleep). Paddy said after the movie, "THAT is the only way to watch a movie!"
They played some LASER SKIRMISH after the movie and apparently, that is the best thing ever. Home, swim, cake and a giant lolly bag and they all went home!!! We have to have the SLEEPOVER part during the school holidays (ugg) As it is father's Day tomorrow, best make DH day as nice as possible. (a few less kids)

Made a couple of 18th cards.

Anyway off to pick up Aden from a party.
See ya :)

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