He's makin' music

Aden has been having guitar lesson with school since he was in year 7. He didn't learn very much! Although he never really practiced. Now and again he would strum the acoustic guitar our neighbour lent us, but nothing that would resemble a tune could be heard!

I have moved him to another guitar teacher to have private one on one lessons and in two terms he has learnt more than the three years! grrrrrrrr.

The other day he bought himself an electric guitar and a HUGE amp and has been practicing ALL the time. I am really happy that he is practicing (practice makes perfect) but holy cow can you CHANGE tunes once and a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christie has cracked it BIG time and the more she complains the LOUDER it gets. Lachlan is really over it and I think secretly wants to join in and have a jamming session! but "My guitar is crap mum!"

I will have to ask his teacher to maybe start on another tune.

Christie is well and nearly back to her normal self but Paddy isn't feeling too well (milking it though) Lachlan and Aden are both germ free at the moment.

Christie's boyfriend Tom has gone to NZ and she spends all her spare time talking to him on WEBCAM. Sort of defeats the purpose of "while he is gone" maybe: clean your room, do some extra study, catch up with your neglected friends, talk to your mum!

Oh well maybe I will send her an email!

see ya :)

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