My circle journal

My theme was 1987-2007 then and now. I travelled all around Canada and Europe for all of 1987 and twenty years on and things are so different. Just documented that. Although I lived a carefree selfish existence, and I am a virtual slave now (lol) I really wouldn't change a thing. I am extremely happy and fortunate to have a healthy family and a great husband and although 1987 was fantastic, I'd rather be here and now!This is Jacqui's take on my cj. The wheel turns round and reveals things about 87 and I just love how she has incorporated the SR papers and the colour theme.

This is Susan's. Fantastic page with the family photo. Haven't changed a bit Susan. She is having the time of her life NOW, with all the travelling, her kids have flown the coop and she is "spending their inheritance" LOL

This is Donna's page. I just LOVE anything Donna produces. She was a SM master in 2006 (I think) and she is one talented cookie. Just love how she continued the colour theme and used a bit of the SR paper too!

She hasn't changed a bit!! in twenty years!!!! This is Lisa's page. So bright and colourful.
There is no name on the next two, so I am going to get Sharon to see if she can work it out by the style.

Sharon & Noami are in the process of completing theirs and will hand over and I will just stick it in myself. Big thank you to Sharon for organising this......Not an easy task! thanks Sharon!

Almost finished my baby album and will post that tomorrow. Learnt the HARD way that Gesso is a primer and needs to be put on BEFORE you paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lucky I painted the back of my album first ARRRRRR! A sneak peek!

anyway off to bed....
see ya:)



What a hectic week so far! I have had nearly every teacher call in sick, have exams or on leave travelling O/S. Christie (thank goodness) has taken up the slack and taken most of the classes WHILE trying to study and battle a headcold! I have taken the rest so we are both waterlogged. It is a very CALM household here, there are no tantrums and meltdowns and everything SEEMS to be going to plan. First exam on Monday so send through your positive vibes....especially you Geordie guys.
Still getting everything back to normal from the retreat. I had a great time and achieved not as much as I'd hoped but happy all the same. I have to finish one or two things and then I will share (soon Sue).
I got my circle journal back from Sharon yesterday and I am very happy with everyone's contribution.

The light got really bad so I haven't taken any shots of the inside. Later........My theme for the CJ was 1987-2007 Then & Now. A lot of people in the group found this theme really hard. Two people who had joined haven't completed the pages (or anyones elses) and I don't think they will either. Don't join if you are NOT going to commit! :( I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and would love to do another one. So if you want to join in, let me know.

We are going to the beach for the long weekend for our PROGRESSIVE DINNER PARTY. I am on entree this year and I am preparing (CLOSE YOUR EYES MICHELLE) potato & leek soup with some fresh dinner rolls. I am actually MAKING this with my own hands......not particularly FOND of cooking BUT I am starting from scratch................more on THAT later!

Going to bed as I am stuffed. won't be so long until the next one mum!

see ya :)


MUCK UP DAY......all is well!

I have just attended our schools MUCK UP DAY and I must say they all looked fantastic! So much effort was put into all their costumes. Christie and her friends were dressed up as Nintendo's Mario Kart and they all looked fabulous! After getting up at 4.00 am, she is pretty tired and catching some zzzzzzz as I type (safe in her MESSY bedroom!!!! ahhh) NOW for the serious stuff!!! Don't mean to be a party pooper......but concentrate for the next 12 days! IT'S ONLY 12 DAYS.......EXAMS and 6 months off to party......until the money runs out!

Two LO from the fancy pants papa range.
gotta go and get ready
1 more sleep!!!!


Dress signing day!!

For Christie's last day of school, they were all allowed to sign their uniforms. I am a little apprehensive about "muck up day!" after the Xavier College thing, I am surprised the school is allowing the students to go ahead with it! There is always a small group that will go too far! Christie and her friends have planned a funny skit for their performance.

2 more sleeps!

until my retreat!! woo hoo. I cannot wait. I tried to get some things organised last night but I felt so ill, I couldn't get off the couch. I thought it may have been appendicitis! Yeah that would be right......rushed off to hospital....NOOOOOOO I am going on a retreat! how awful. anyway I am feeling a little better.

I have made up three sketches for a friend as she has RETREAT FREEZE when she goes away and sits and stares at CARDSTOCK for hours........She is driving me so its the least I can do!
My little Paddy won TERRIFIC KID at assembly! For being terrific in everything he did.
Oh well, while I have a few minutes to spare, I might go and look for photos for my retreat.
see ya :0)


SOOO Waterlogged!!

I have to do a 2 day course to update my AUSTSWIM. I have so much water in my ears, I am sure it will be seeping out tonight when I go to bed. I can't hear a thing! I feel a bit silly being there, I have been teaching for longer than they have been alive! There was a lady in the class that was a total pain!!! she knew everything and told us so........she contradicted the lecturer a couple of times, I don't think she was too popular by the end of it. Got to deal with her again tomorrow! ugg

There is movement at the station........Mark has placed all the sheets around the fireplace and connected it! We sat around it last night with a friend and had a few drinks, very nice! I cannot wait until I have it all finished.

Now I will have to start the pressure about the outdoor setting I WANT!!

I went to PAPERIFIC on Friday with my girlfriends. It was fantastic! Heaps of different and new things I haven't seen before. I got a few things to get me started at my retreat this weekend. Hopefully I can organise my photos before Friday........

3AS has a new SILENT AUCTION going at the moment and you earn money for different tasks and challenges. The first was to clean your scrap area/desk!!!! and upload before and after shots for bonus money. Too easy, I had to clean up for the retreat anyway so good excuse to get started. Those who know me....know I am MESSY when being creative!


AND SO IT BEGINS.............

Well the girl has her first VCE exam today, Oral Japanese! Although she seems confident, it will be a tender house here for the next few weeks......wish me luck! LOL
Leave a comment if you are stopping by.



Watch out on the roads!

Well he had his LEARNERS for all of a week and already his father has REFUSED to take him anymore! Lasted longer than Christie, which was 3 days! His LOOK and MY LOOK (to the right) are VERY different. I know I am going grey, this is very scary. Although after the initial first drive, where he scared the S**t out of me, he had become rapidly competent (just ask him).
I have to do this two more times UGG.
My beautiful, and very creatively talented friends and I went to Woodend on Friday for a catch up birthday lunch ( all our birthdays are within the week) We spent most of the day there, looking through all the shops. I definitely will be going back, the shops are amazing and many things very very reasonably priced and items I hadn't seen before. We had a lovely lunch, I had this lasagna that was soooo high and absolutely delicious. Must ditch the SaraLee and go back to making it, tastes so much better.
Christie and her friends went to an 18th on Saturday night and the theme was "Mexican" They all came here for a gathering and to paint themselves. I was really impressed with the effort they put into looking the part. I think I wrecked my good brush pens painting on their moustaches! A couple actually had hairy mo's and they looked great. It was good when they finally left though!
Spent a little while putting my new camera's program onto the computer. I have only one or two photographic masterpieces to show as Mark was yelling at me, "You NEED to delete what you don't want!" I have a MAJOR problem with DELETE!!!!! I have 5 SD cards that are full and I can't bring myself to delete, even though I have uploaded and printed the photos. Weird I know, but I can't help myself. I am working on it.

Anyway! All the arty farty ones I had to delete because HE WHO SHOULD BE OBEYED......was carrying on about no memory left on this BLOODY computer because it's filled up with YOUR CRAFT SH*T. Well, he has NO appreciation for FINE ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY. We are the losers here folks............

Paddy is annoying everybody with his insistence that he perfect the didgeridoo!
I will be able to show some LO now that I have finished my 3AS project! It has dominated my thoughts over the past couple of weeks.
anyway enough for now
see ya :)


Braces & I'll be broke for the next 4 years!!

Lachlan had his braces put on today and all afternoon the poor thing had such an achy mouth. I have drugged him up but all he could manage for dinner was some mashed potato! Well hopefully he feels better tomorrow because they are on for the next 18-24 months!!!! I have given him the horror stories that if he doesn't brush his teeth properly, he will have black marks around the silver bits (whatever they are called). I think I have scared him silly and he is brushing as I type!

I have had a look at Aden's memory card and he truly is a scrapbookers son! Before he left I asked him to take pictures with HIM in them and pictures that would also be self explanatory. I love this one below.

I also asked him to take a picture of the road he was on or a fence line to show how long they were travelling and how there was nothing between them but miles and miles and more miles............. something arty!
This is what he come up with! I laughed and laughed. I just love it. When I asked Christie to take the same picture when she went to NT, she took a picture of a fence FRONT ON! Sometimes I wonder if we are related!?!
Mark still hasn't loaded my camera program yet, so I am unable to show my photographic masterpieces! He wants to back everything up in case we lose what we already have.
After I stop procrastinating with my 3AS challenge, I will be able to get stuck into my two LO and OTP item and send it off. The deadline is 19th October. I have a good idea of what I am going to do but keep wanting to add bits which make it more than the $40. I have changed my mind about the OTP item 5 times. Then I can get back to my other stuff! It feels like I haven't done anything for ages......
Time....just need more time!
anyway going to finish watching Prison Break. Sara is back from the dead!
see ya :)


My baby is home safely! & so is Aden!

My camera is home.....and so is Aden taller I am thinking! He had a ball with his Uncle Steven & Auntie Treacy. I have a heap of washing (which is nothing unusual!). I had a great weekend for my birthday. (Thanks Sue M in UK for your email & remembering!!!) I could finally walk again. I had a pinched nerve in my back and couldn't walk for 2 days....so painful. My beautiful girlfriends came and took me out for lunch to my favourite restaurant but I was too sick and couldn't eat anything :( I have been taking so many pictures and I will share, but I haven't loaded the camera's program to upload then here.

On the weekend, I went to an 18th 21st & 50th (broke now). they were all fun but I was glad to get home to my bed. Such an OLD FART now!

On Friday, (coz I couldn't walk until I saw the Chiro) I finished a couple of LO & cards.

Going to be soooo soo busy as swimming starts tonight! The phone has rang off the hook and I think the summer months people want to book in. Good for me though.

More later

see ya :)



Mark, Lachlan & I went to the QVC for lunch today and bought my birthday present!! A bouncing 2kg Cannon DSLR 450D and 250mm lense. OOH I am in love! It is just beautiful and I am sure it will fit RIGHT in to our family. Now..........just gotta figure out how to use it LOL!
the guy in the shop was super helpful and I learned a little. He reckons just play play play and experiment (while holding the manual!) Can't wait to start using it! Mark said I won't be able to play until Saturday as he is going to wrap it and give it to me on the day..............I DON'T think so! 1. The lazy bugger wouldn't wrap anything if his life depended on it and 2. He wouldn't know WHERE the wrapping paper WAS! As soon as that battery charger is charged, in goes the 2GB card they threw in and away I go!! Stay tuned for some masterpieces.

While we were there, we also had a look in DOMAYNE for an outdoor suite for outside. Well of course the one I like is $9000 typical! Anyway, by the time Mark finally agrees with me, it will be :

1.no longer in stock

2. sold out

3. won't be available in Australia until May 09.

4. no longer comes in that colour.

Aden got his Learners today so keep off the roads.

Anyway got an hour free, so I am going to tackle my 3 ANGELS challenge.

see ya :)


Happy October! 3 sleeps till my birthday!

Not that I care.....I hate birthdays! We are going to a 21st and a 50th and an 18th this weekend! There will be NO money left for my prezzie :( Mark wants to go shopping tomorrow night for my camera! I have been missing my baby sooooooo much and Aden too LOL! My baby (ADEN) has been deposited with my brother in Darwin and so far so good!
I am really excited about OCTOBER. I have enrolled to do 31 LAYOUTS IN 31 DAYS for $31! with JEN HALL. I have just logged on to her password protected classroom and WOW the first LO is fantastic. I am not sure if I can upload the LO's here but I am sure after a while (when the class is finished) I can. I will check that out. Her site is on the right side bar if you want to have a look.
I have my papers from 3 Angels, fabulous Scenic Route. I have heaps of ideas but I cannot find the Bl****y photos that I want for them. They are obviously in a safe place!!
On the home front Patrick has finally broken through his sickness, the poor baby 5 days lying on the couch ON school holidays just isn't on. We are going to LASER WARS today (ah fun!)

see ya :)