TWO losses & a Vote Count!

Aden went off to his VOTE COUNT night with the Rupertswood FC and he looked gorgeous in his suit. He actually loves wearing a suit and doesn't feel uncomfortable in it at all. Then off to MSAC to watch Paddy Boy in his elimination FINAL against Sandringham. The Jets let Sandringham get the jump on them early and before we knew it, we were 15 points down. The boys never got to catch up and after being down the whole game, sometimes as much as 20 points. They had a quick burst in the last three minutes and eventually lost by 12. Off to Broadmeadows to watch Christie's game. They have never beaten Craigieburn this season. The girls all played really well and competitively and there was nothing in it the whole came. With 2 minutes to go we had three girls on 4 fouls one with a blood nose and we were 8 points up! Needless to say, in true Sunbury style we snatched DEFEAT from jaws of VICTORY! and ended up losing by 4 points!!! We will play next week for a spot in the Granny! Good luck. Domestic Finals for Patrick and his Rebels and Lachlan with Superoos. Footy presentations tomorrow for Lachlan & Patrick and then I get my SUNDAYS back!!!!

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Sharon said...

Gosh Ange....don't know how you do all those sports! You must never stop and I'm sure my life will be like that in a few years! We start little athletics in a few weeks for Toby so should be heaps of fun for him to burn some energy off. I've linked you up on my blog sidebar too so hope you get some visitors stopping by.