A trip to the dentist

Poor Lachlan! He has been to the dentist the last two weeks and has has 5 teeth pulled out! Four of them were his second teeth :( His mouth is way too small for all his teeth. His gums are bulging as the teeth have no where to go. He was so brave, I hate watching him in pain and there is nothing I could do. He was bending my fingers back the first time in pain. Yesterday he was fantastic, probably because he knew what was happening. I felt sorry for him this morning, he was eating his brekkie and because the right side is still tender from last week and the left side is really tender, he couldn't chew :( He gets his braces on sometime in October. Clear of course!

Just finished tweaking a few LO for Christie's VCE album. I really love the BG boxer papers, it makes the VCE page look really formal. I am still in two minds to outline the BOYFRIEND to make it pop a bit better but I don't want the black pen to stand out. I will have to try and find a grey pen I suppose. Patrick in his second season with REBELS now and this Saturday they have to BEAT Dodgers to play his OLD side in the Grand Final.

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Patsy said...

Whoa! 5 teeth is too much! The good thing here is that he was still brave although he was in pain. Let's just hope that all the lost teeth will come back someday. Well, if it's possible! =D