If I had any memory on my computer....

I would update my blog!
I would show you some photos of my little trip to Queensland last week!
I would show my little yellow swaps I've done for 3 angels!
I would show the awesome little package from SCRAP.BIZ I got!
I would show the cards I've made!
I would delete eveything I didn't need but have not enough memory to delete.....a vicious circle!



Patrick made his confirmation

Last Sunday at St. Patrick's Cathederal! He was adamant he wanted to wear a suit! It was about 36 C and boiling hot I thought he was goint to faint!

A lovely old church and Patrick picked his Joseph as his confirmation name (after his paternal great grandfather)  we all went out for dinner afterwards.  So all done now, they are all full card carring micks!

Had some spare time on Friday so I thought I increase my card stash! I went to Paperific yesterday and was a little disappointed that there weren't as many stalls as usual....... Hardly any new things. :( Did manage to buy a few things though lol
We had a scare the other day thought we'd lost our cat Bonnie! This fatty is too scared to go outside and we couldn't find her for 90 minutes......very scary Christie was crying "she's dead she's dead" and I quietly thought she was too but anyway I think she is deaf now and couldn't hear us calling.
Anyway.....good news we found her or she found us!

She is a beautiful old thing, Christie got her for her 4th birthday and she hasn't caused us a minutes bother!
anyway see ya ;)


How yummy does this look?.......

Yes we had our progressive dinner party and we had a delicious seafood cocktail and oysters kilpatrick and natural oysters with a Japanese sauce and scumptious salmon crepes washed down with copious amounts of red wine!

Next onto main! with our little party of 6 this year, we had enough food for the 40 thieves! (wrong country?)The most delicious lamb, beef, chicken with couscous (sp) and rice all with a Moroccan theme! totally delicious! and also washed down with EVEN more copious amounts of red wine.
and then came the failure..........

Yes, look impressive doesn't it!  Terrible! way too sweet and Lazy ass (me) just bought the meringue (sp?)
from coles (BIG MISTAKE) I should have made the pavlova shells, like I was going to......
My Scrapz.biz round 3 entry we had to create a LO of the most detested chore we do.  Lots of distressing, with a red flower and white ribbon and repeat the title 3 times (a verb) that doesn't really make sense sorry. Anyway, here is my LO.

I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate making lunches everyday! I make 5 full lunches and I just detest it!  I know, everyone says "get them to do it!" but they wouldn't eat properly if they did it themselves.....anyway I love school holidays so I don't have to do it.
and I loaded it up about a minute before the cut off!
So this week I am organised!
My favourite pair of shoes with a special effect and 4 "weapons" (not explaining it!) My fav shoes are thongs! Christie & I are the same size and share and between us, I think we have nearly every colour!

My little special effect is the shaker box in the middle, filled with beads.

Anyway Basketball started back tonight, so it will be full on for another year.
see ya :)