Feel a bit sad and lost.....

My favourite site 3AS closed down its forum and gallery! The shop is still open and there is some wonderful goodies you can get at a discount (30% off I think!) I feel a bit like someone has died! I have met some fantastic people through this site and was fortunate to meet them in real life at the retreat. I will keep in touch with them through other ways (facebook & email) but it isn't the same. It was great seeing everyone's work and what they were up to and just chatting with like minded people (most of my friends don't GET it) It was a site that I first found and clicked with straight away, they were always so friendly and not clique like I have heard so many other sites are, great competitions and ideas and so I shall miss them greatly........

Anyway......I shall show a little bit of Phuket! Our arrival into Phuket was stunning, we flew in over all these islands and the scenery was spectacular!
When we arrived we were all given dark grape juice in champagne glasses and cold towels while we registered and the kids thought it was pretty cool. There was a problem with our booking and I was ready to be furious (well about as furious as I can get) I requested connecting rooms with the kids and I wasn't going to compromise on that! Anyway they mumbled something and then said we have upgraded us to a suite! ah ok.......I will see it first before I complain! Well I was impressed so no complaining! We had a beautiful big suite and it was perfect! we also had a separate kitchen/bar and our balcony went right around the corner!

Paddy & I certainly getting into relax mode!
Our first night out for dinner in a foreign country, ready to shock our taste buds with some delicious new and exotic flavours and we went to.........PIZZA HUT!
I will show more later!


A little bit of life in between the holiday snaps........

I love this photo Mark took. Everyone else is at the ready and I just don't know what Aden is doing....thinking about the job at hand i'd say.
I thought I'd better get a little life on record before I continue on with the holiday snaps! And I have found my 4 GB SD card you will be happy to know! BUT! when I was looking for a specific photo I noticed that huge chunks of photos were missing and had not downloaded. I
took all the cards to BIG W and had them all burnt onto a cd (just in case) I had to mortgage my house mind you......but at least I have the 400 photos of my kids parasailing!!!!lol My niece also has 2000 photos so I will check hers out too!

In the mean time, Aden tried out for the VIC cross country U18 side on Saturday. He was really happy with his time. (which escapes me atm) He missed out on the actual team but he was a couple of seconds off making the training squad. Ah well something to aim for next year. I don't suppose 2 weeks in Thailand did much for his training program, although he did run in the gym everyday. On another note, the DH had his birthday during the week! A really busy day and we all struggled to find a time when we were all together to sing happy birthday and do his cake! Finally after I got home from basketball and everyone did their training it was 9.30 pm!

I think he had a good day....he is not too fussed on birthdays these days and ah NO I didn't make the cake.

will try and show more holidays snaps soon.

see ya :)


Warning! long post ahead with NO scrapping!

And I say the warning because last night we had Mark's parents and sister over for dinner and we showed our video of our trip and Christie's birthday and our day cruising Phi Phi and surrounding islands. Well, although WE loved it and it was the best day and reliving it was fun......ah..... boring for everyone else! I have learnt three important lessons about video cameras........one is film what you want and turn off REALLY QUICKLY! no lingering ! (VERY IMPORTANT. Two: Video cameras DO NOT allow for Portrait shots! If you turn a video camera on its side.........you get twenty minutes of filming on its side!!!! hee hee! and MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! make sure the pause button is ON and double check this.....BEFORE you swear at someone for being an idiot! heed my warning folks!
Well we had to get the obligatory shot of the family in front of the International Departures sign! We waited until the last minute to board as Christie couldn't tear herself away from Tom! When we finally did board the plane, just before I stepped on to the aircraft, I counted the passports that everyone gave back to me.................ARGGGHHH ONE WAS MISSING!!! Sh*t! I thought oh that would be right I have lost my passport! I screamed to Mark one was missing and I RAN back to the terminal and a staff member was running towards me smiling waving PATRICK'S passport! He just put it on the ledge after they looked at it thinking that he didn't need it anymore. I was MORE diligent from that moment on let me tell you!
Let me tell you Thai Airways were fantastic and I will certainly be flying with them again! The safety, service, staff, and entertainment were 5 star! The 8 hour flight "flew" by as all the children had their own entertainment units and Lachlan stuffed up four before he got one that worked. We watched a heap of movies and played nintendo games & I even played bejewelled! We had a chuckle when we were served a snack of an Anzac biscuit from EMU BOTTOM homestead. It was delicious too! I loved when we landed, our little screen showed the runway and us landing. unbelievable!
By the time we arrived at Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) International Airport. It was midnight or 1ish and I was so impressed with this airport! It has changed since I was last time (25 years ago) The art work all around the place is sensational and it has such a "clean safe" feel about it. I didn't like the smoking rooms though...disgusting! Little 9 X 9 rooms that smokers were able to use and they reeked and there was so much smoke in there I don't reckon they could even see each other!We got to our hotel and the boys had a quick explore, but as it was after midnight, everything was closed. Our suite was just beautiful we had adjoining rooms and a beautiful sitting room and kitchenette. Our bed was soooo comfy and if I could have stolen the pillow and doona I would have I have never felt anything so luxurious
A view from our hotel room.
We got up and had an early brekkie! The kids thought the food was excellent and had sooo much of everything! Everyone loaded their plates sky high! You would have thought I have never fed them! It was such a novelty that they ate and ate and ate! Mark & I loved the coffee and Mark loved his omelet that was made for him.
The kids (boys) were just busting to try all the services at the hotel and as it was too early for the markets, we told them to go for it! Aden and Lachlan hired some badminton racquet's and a shuttlecock we all headed off to the court. It was hilarious and we all had a go, Aden and Christie were actually quiet good.
After that bout of family fun, the boys decided that they would have a swim and a spa and a little sunbathing! Then Aden and Lachlan did a gym session and all three decided to finish off in the steam room! They would have also had a game of tennis but apparently the grass court was wet.
So by this stage it is only 10.24AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they had used every facility the hotel had to offer we headed to Mah Boon Krong (MBK Centre). This centre is situated (above or in I think) our hotel. It has 8 floors of shopping, including a cinema and a whole floor is dedicated to electronics! Aden spent most of his time there. It has real and fake and fixed prices and plenty of bargaining (which I suck at). Fabulous food and colours too. Aden bought everything possible for his computer and ipod and anything else electrical he has. Christie bought a couple of pairs of jeans and some make up and sunnies and Patrick bought a pair of runners he has been eyeing off for ages. It was quite an experience and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!We decided to do something cultural...and take a tour to see the Grand Palace. We decided as we were leaving mid morning for Phuket, we would take in a cruise. This turned out to be the best night I have ever enjoyed with my family! We had a ball and a night we will remember for a long time to come.A bus arrived to take us to the boat and the kids were mesmerised by the city and the tuk tuks and zillion electrical wires just hanging everywhere, food just hanging from everywhere. Blatant disregard for ANY sort of road rules! we saw people riding motorbikes, whilst on the phone, smoking a cigarette! Sometimes they had 4 and even 5 on the one bike! They also noted that they take a lot of things for granted! (nearly shed a tear listening to this) and how lucky they really are.When we started, dancers in traditional Thai costume danced and the band started. We ate pretty much straight away. The food was delicious and Lachlan & Patrick came back with a plate of fries! Patrick went back and tried a few things. The staff kept giving the kids props for photos and they were having a ball. They asked Mark if anyone was having a birthday and he said it was Christie's the day before. Well then it started, the whole boat was singing Happy Birthday and they came out with a cake and she just loved it! They gave her a monkey necklace and a princess crown. The band started and all the staff kept dragging all the kids up to dance and the sax player was brilliant!OH yeah and we saw some beautiful Thai scenery! The Grand Palace. King Bhumibol Adulyadey, Rama IX is Thailand's current ruling monarch. Although he doesn't live in the palace, he does live quite close by. Impressed? Again, not too happy with my photography :( I didn't have a tripod and this is the best shot I got.
I also really liked this bridge and said that there were a lot like it along the river and said as much to Mark. He started laughing and told me the boat had turned around and it was the SAME bridge! I think I was having so much fun I didn't notice! LOL We had a fabulous time and the next photo just says it all for me!
we had a tuk tuk race from Patpong night market where all the lady-boys are. Great, but I wasn't entirely comfortable there. The kids loved it and got a few bargains....or so they thought.
well that is all for now! stay tuned for the next exciting update: Phuket!
see ya! :)