The other day, I went and watched my two littlies, Lachlan & Patrick compete at MSAC (Melbourne Sports Aquatic Centre) for their interschool swim sports.  I am super proud of them as they haven't been in the water since this time last year and they placed in every event they competed in! They are fit though and have always had good technique so maybe their competitive nature kicked in!

Better start scrapping these ribbons! lucky (for me) I have recorded all their races and times and write on the back of the ribbon too! save the arguments later..........


My lovely friend Alethea (Miss Blog Candy Extraordinaire!!!) gave me this fab award

and the lovely Mel also recently gave me this...

so a HUGE thank you to you both and now apparently I am supposed to tell you 8 things about myself
so here goes:
1. I am terribly short sighted and wear contact lenses.
2. I only like to drink my tea & coffee out of fine bone china mugs (not chunky mugs)
3. I only have a teaspoon of milk in my tea/coffee (I make the kids measure to be sure)
4. I have to sit facing the same direction the car/bus/train/plane is going.
5. I never touch hand rails when going up/down stairs (neither does Mark now!)
6. I always read for a half an hour or a chapter before going to bed/sleep
7. I cannot resist a peppermint aero bar!
8. I was born in England.

well just reading back I reckon I have OCD! lol what a weirdo!

anyway enough of me! well that goes against my blog header hahahahahaha!


My anniversary surprise!

I had the BEST weekend ever!
Last year, some really cheap flights came up with Jetstar and I just couldn't resist....... $45 to go to Sydney.  But I had to think of an excuse to go to Sydney that suited the conditions (dates available) and it just so happened.... that the dates coincided with our wedding anniversary! voila!
Mark really admires Matt Moran  (the chef from Masterchef) so I also booked a table at his restaurant.
The plane ride was awful and I have decided that I do have an abnormal fear of flying! I think I nearly broke poor Mark's thumb I bent it back so hard! (need to work on my self calming techniques!)
We caught a train to Circular Quay and had brekki with a terrific view of the bridge (it was raining ....well throwing it down actually!)  but who cared! not us!

Our hotel was just a 4 minute walk and when we got there, they upgraded us to a Harbour View room (yee har) I was so excited! they asked if we were in Sydney for anything special and  when I told them and they sent up a bottle of red! so I was even happier! lol  How awesome is that view?!?!?
We went exploring the markets and I could have spent a LOT more time (and money) if Mark wasn't there!
Great market with FABULOUS handmade items but GB (grumpy bum) kept hurrying me up! The rain never let up so we had to buy an umbrella! then we made our way to the Rocks to see just where Aria was from the hotel.
Explored the Opera House
Mark wouldn't turn around for a photo (GB) I haven't been up those stairs for 25 years! still looks fabulous and there was heaps going on! As it was wine o'clock we decided to pass a couple of hours soaking up the sun! (well the brief respite from the rain) at the Opera House bar and shared a plate of dips for lunch.

hehehehe Mark couldn't believe I was taking a pic of the dips! you just have to document it all! Those dips would have to go down as my FAV so far! and we are working our way through Australia!  It was so nice to just sit and people watch, chat and not have a care in the world!

When we got to the restaurant, we were shown to the BEST table in the place it had the most magical view!!! (I suppose that is what happens when you book 7 months in advance!) we were second table on the left!!!

hehehehe before you think I was a bogan and taking pics in the restuarant......... (thought about it) I took this pic from the website!
while we were deciding on the wine, Matt Moran stood and chatted to the people on the table beside us! I nearly peed myself! he posed for a photo with them and I said to Mark I am so getting a photo (just happened to have my baby in my handbag.....) but a stupid PA/waitress dragged him away! :(
The meal was everything we'd hoped for! It was simply divine we had the scallops for entree spiced and roasted with a salad of heirloom carrots, young coconut and a coriander and yoghurt dressing and Mark had   roasted fillet and cheek of beef with celeriac puree, roasted onions and Bordelaise sauce and I had roasted breast of pasture fed chicken with ‘mac and cheese’, mushrooms, leeks and turnips and we shared some Truffled potato mash (just C & pasted that lol)
and just because we didn't want it to end, we both had the raspberry soufflé with white chocolate ripple ice cream and they wrote this little message on the plate awwww! :)

During dinner, there was a spectacular light show with the the Opera House as the backdrop. It was just brilliant.  I didn't want to start clicking away in the restaurant so I waited until I was outside and I was happy with a few of them.

we walked back to our hotel thoroughly exhausted and unbelievable full!
Just in time too as the heavens opened up again!
I took these two from our hotel room and I haven't edited (well just lightened a little) how magnificent!
Aside from the AWFUL plane ride ( my problem though) We had the most enjoyable time!


TPE #96

This weeks SKETCH was created for us by Joni Wilson.
Thanks Joni!!
wonderful sponsor for the next two weeks!!

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Whimsie Doodles March Release!!

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This is my LAST (sob sob) card for The Pink Elephant at part of their DT

I have had such a great time and I will most certainly join in on their future challenges!

Thank you Lori, Sheri & Joni and all the team for all your fabulous encouraging words and for having me on your team!
Thank you for introducing me to the world of DIGI STAMPS! ( and copics) lol
& here is my card.

As you can see I have been playing with my lovely stash of PTI goodies I have just received!!!!



22 years of Wedded bliss.....................

well almost!!!! how young and skinny did we look!!! I am not a fan of wedding photos framed and on display but after about 10 or so years.....when we didn't look young skinny and beautiful.... I decided to get the big photo we got for free ENLARGED and framed! hahaha! I crack up when I see this photo! Isn't it funny how you would change almost everything thing you did, (if you had your time over again!)  I think I would change absolutely everything! especially the bridesmaids!I had 4! (ridiculous) I haven't seen one of them since the wedding day and two I haven't had any contact for years and I see my SIL all the time thank goodness~!
I have organised a little surprise for by beloved...... will let you know on Monday......


It's Friday and that means we have a new Fabulous Friday Challenge for you! This is a challenge you are sure to love..... Banners!! We love banners! They seem to be everywhere and with so many varieties, the possibilities are endless!
When all my kidlets were born, their father bought them all a teddy.  All pretty much the same, Christie's was pink and the boys all had blue.  They all loved their teddy and called them 'daddy teddy'  To get Aden and Lachlan to bed, I would (do anything! lol) let them jump in together with their Daddy Teddies and have a bottle (what was I thinking??? peace probably!) as this was 1997 I was pregnant with my 4th so those of you with kiddies........you know what I mean!
They all still have their teddy bears, although a little ragged but much loved.

Our guest Designer this week is Nikki 
and if you join in this week you can win a fabulous kit put together by Debbie, heaps of yummy goodness!!
remember, it doesn't have to be a LO it can be a card or OTP!

go and see what the DT have come up with!


woo hoo

got my little badge yesterday and I can proudly display this on my blog! Must admit I feel a little bit of a fraud! as I haven't really displayed enough or done enough colouring................yet!  stay tuned!!! I am slowly working my way through my stamp sets.... you know how in my previous post I said I wanted to use every set by the end of the year? well, I think I might make that next June! lol  I went through them the other day and I have way too many!
Here is my Aden, proudly displaying his epaulets. He is really enjoying his self at the moment! He has done more flying in the last 4 weeks than he had all last year!  I don't know how he will keep the pace up with his basketball and study as well as the four hours a day travel! (by train! lol) but he is young and the young have boundless energy!



somebody stop the bus I wanna get off!!!!

My life is so busy that I cannot even see my scrap room let alone get IN THERE!!! I am doing lots of teaching atm! And we have an AQUAROBICs classes which are running at the pool and I joined in on Thursday and it was fabulous! and I felt fabulous afterwards too! the good thing is that it is completely PRIVATE and no one there to watch! The Kismet Aquatic Centre is now on facebook with all the details so go and 'LIKE" us and join in if you are in the area (you have to book with Suzanne her number is there)
Along with a few of my teachers Uni schedule changing, I have to take up the slack on some classes! I am in the water sometimes twice a day! I really want to find a PROPER WATERPROOF mascara!! I think I am scaring the kiddies with my panda eyes lol! I have to train the kids not to spit (well not spit but breathe water in my face!)  I sound like I am complaining but I am enjoying it although I want to straighten my hair!.......

anyway...... I am coming to the end (sob sob) of my time with The Pink Elephant next week will be my last challenge!  I have thoroughly LOVED LOVED LOVED being with these girls and this last year has been fabulous, I have learnt so much and (unfortunately for my DH) developed an unhealthy devotion/obsession for copic markers......... my stash is growing fast (no thanks to Di at Scraphaven who keeps ordering more!!!)
anyway I booked in to do a beginner Certified course the other day with Di & Ange oh it was fabulous! I learnt so much and (unfortunately for DH) I want to do the next Intermediate course and get even more markers.........lol  Still I have lots of practice to do before I reach the lofty heights of some.....
We even got a certificate ! I loved it  I have to work out how to get my IPHONE photos (bmp) to a jpeg!! then I could show you our little photo!

and the sponsor this fortnight is Claudia & Co

here is mine.... not a fabulous photo but happy with the colouring....need to keep practicing!!
can you tell I just love Sass pp!???!

take care and enjoy your week end! xx



A new DT and a great challenge to start with!
Fabulous Friday Challenge at Frosted Designs this week

This week is a recipe challenge... we would like for you to use:
     3 patterned papers
     2 fonts
     1 journaling tag

That's it! Oh the possibilities?! And remember, it can be a card, layout or any other project you would like to make...it just has to have those three things!

hehehehe I remember this day so vividly! Because Christie was such a fussy eater, I sort of only gave the others what she liked and didn't expose them to everything! This particular day, I made a fruit platter for Mark and myself and some friends we had over and Lachlan was pointing and wanting to try.  He had already had banana and apple (because Christie liked them lol) and I gave him pineapple and strawberry and he was horrified at the taste! He only like the grapes after all that anyway! hahahah (still fussy after all these years but just discovered strawberries are yummy!)

I have taken my inspiration from SUE this week! I loved her matroyshka dolls card with the stamping over the newsprint! loved that idea with the little bits of red and blue! I thought it looked effective. So you could say I CASED her!! lol AND I ljust looooved getting out my stamps!  I have made it a mission to use EVERY stamp set I own before the end of the year! (Don't know if I can do this because I own A LOT of stamps! heheheh)

Go and see our great new DT, join the challenge, link it up to Frosted Designs and you could win a gift voucher from our sponsors this week One Stop Card Crafts

okey dokey happy crafting! :)