Patrick was 11 yesterday! You don't realise how fast the time goes until a birthday rolls around! Pretty quiet day (All the fun was had on Saturday!) We did the HAPPY FATHERS DAY for Mark after Patrick opened all his prezzies. He was very happy with his IPOD nano and his Wii Mario Kart and Mario Party 8 (just what I wanted mum!) really?
I made a beautiful breakfast for everyone.........bacon, eggs, mushroom, tomatoes, the whole works. It was so yummy. I just don't get it though..................He is NOT my dad, yet I ran around trying to make brekkie for 6 people, trying to keep it hot and make toast and poached eggs while ONE went back to bed.....ONE went on the computer......One played PS2 and well it was Pat's birthday so I don't expect him to do anything and Mark had to go out and clean & test the pool. With NO offers of any help. Our own fault though! (I can hear my mother's voice loud and clear!) After I CLEANED up, I organised afternoon tea for Mark's mum & dad and sister in law with my niece and nephew. It was really nice with all the cakes & sandwiches and then we did the cake thing.
The birthday boy chose KFC and he really wanted us to eat in (?) so we trotted off to KFC and ate our dinner (greasy horrible stuff) Lee, Mark Dan & Arleigh came back for ANOTHER cake and poor Patrick started feeling sick (might have been that KFC!) I think he is getting Christie's flu. He went to bed with a headache and a bucket. Nice end to your birthday poor thing!

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