wow! twice IS nice!

Lachlan had his junior school swimming sport on Friday and has come away with Age Champion for the second year running! We are so proud of both Aden and Lachlan. For boys who
don't train at all, they do ok.

Still playing with PSE and I have merged a photo of Lachlan surfing with a huge tidal wave and I am really happy with the results! so is he I must say. Lachlan wants to put my effort on his myspace page and the others have requested some doctored basketball dunks a la Michael Jordan style. I am getting really confident and I've been told this is ONLY the basics! bring on intermediate I say.....

Need to do a massive cleanup before I get started on anything else. I need to prioritize again! Once the school swimming carnival is over I shall have more time!

thanks for stopping by :)


So proud.....

Aden has his senior school swimming sports and came home with the Age Champion Medallion for year 11. Considering the boys he was up against, I was extremely shocked and so proud of him. He won his free and breast and relay and came 2nd in the back. It is a huge achievement for him. He always puts in 110% and finally it is paying off!

I have been playing with PSE again (love this) and I had to make a business cards with the program. I had a play around and I didn't really want to have my personal details plastered on the net! But have a look at the email addy! Ange Muir loves crap! I think I will edit that and have a '2' in there! I meant it to be loves scrap! I killed myself laughing because I had already uploaded it when I noticed the mistake!

I have also been downloading paper & some emb, free of course! and I have to work out how to print it, on photo paper or cardstock.
It is going to be 38c here today and all the schools are taking no chances and advising to keep your children at home if we wanted. I hope no idiots light fires today!


I love Photoshop Elements

I have been playing with photoshop elements. I have PSE6 and with these challenges I have been able to play. I must admit I have been finding it really difficult to understand the layers thing and then things disappear and size is a big issue too! Thank goodness for tutorials and Sharon Dale. I have bombarded this poor girl with questions and mostly over the phone too! Do you know how hard it is when someone says, "the thingy with the pointed doodah won't click when I change the layer part! My 72 text is tiny!" well she deciphered that and helped talk me through to some
assemblance of what I was supposed to achieve!
I really do love it and I can see it as an important part of my scrapping from now on! especially this new thing I learned yesterday (by myself!!!!!) It is called a healing tool and it can duplicate a piece of your picture and cover unsightly bits that could otherwise ruin a otherwise fantastic photo.

With these two photos, I just wanted to erase the foot on the right of the first photo and the man in the orange vest and the two witches hats.....well I got a bit carried away and erased the whole thing!

I have a beautiful photo of my boys together and just behind them is another boy's head. It really spoils the photo and when I find it (the photo) I will have a crack at it.

off to play :)


the baby is off to uni.....

a little nervous but excited all the same! I have packed her lunch and sent her off and really excited that I have the house to myself! except Patrick's school has an inservice day soooo... he is home today! Oh well tomorrow maybe........
Mark & Christie went shopping to buy an Apple Mac. Mark has told all the children, if they save for half, he will put up the other half for any computer they want.

Christie has decided that her uni are all using the macs so she wanted one! let me tell you I WANT ONE! how good are these things! I have been living a sheltered life with the old PC.

Anyway off to clean...... no creativity today :( spent the whole weekend with Aden updating my Austswim. Still wrinkly from being in the water!

take care x


Had a productive day

today! My friends ditched me..... (you KNOW who you are!!!!!) I had to wait in all day for the man to install my new shower screen in the pool and you know tradies...........
So I got all the dvd's I wanted to watch and set myself up on the kitchen bench (the dining room table is too messy at the moment) and set to work! I have finished a couple of projects for 3AS and got a couple of cards done too!
My word for 2009 is PRIORITIZE (check a couple of posts back) I hope it is a z and not an 's' in there because that is how I have spelt it in everything! I have purchased some day planners and I write it all down and I am finding it working (so far) may be it is the Alzheimer's kicking in but I am really hopeless if I don't write it down.
I have been making some ATC's of my family with some history and personal details on the back. This is a little holder they will be housed in. Thanks Jen for all these tins, they have come in so handy! I used the other one for the money box.Hope you are all well! thanks for stopping by....



I went to Patrick's presentation Mass. It must of been hot in there because there was preppies running out of there by their dozens and vomiting! Hope it isn't catchy!
As you can see..... I have been playing with Picasa! yay me! We are doing Photoshop Elements with 3AS and I am really enjoying the playing. I can see myself as a hybrid scrapper. I do love the physical part, but I have always wanted to try the "other side" I am not a fan of total digi though.
I feel like I have been run over by a truck! I have just got back from bb and after a few months off you really lose your fitness......so off to the shower...a quicky tonight as I am tired (old)
see ya :)


Some good news!

My little Patrick was named as school captain today at assembly! I was there to hear the announcement and had a little tear in my eye! So proud! congratulations Paddy!
Christie was the only one in our house to receive a valentines present!

lots to do today....gotta go :)


I won something!!......

My lovely friend Sharon tagged me with this award and I think I have to name 5 things I am addicted to and then tag 5 other blogs......

Ummmm well 1. I am so addicted to reading the paper EVERY morning! I cannot seem to start the day unless I have read the paper from cover to cover. I get really annoyed when hubby wants a few pages and then mucks it all up....
2. I have to have 2 cups of coffee EVERY morning. A heaped teaspoon of coffee and a TINY drop of MILK! not too much, a teaspoon only.
3. I am addicted to the show SURVIVOR! probably the only show I watch religiously. I used to watch Prison Break & Lost but they both got too silly. Now I don't watch any TV at all.
4. I am addicted to scrapping and anything creative. I love making things.
5. I am addicted to the computer at the moment! Time just seem to fly out the window and it is an addiction I am trying to break!
Anyway a little insight into moi! I tag Sue, Nancy, Melleny, Sharon & Sharon R.
and I would tag Carolyn if she HAD a blog............
Yesterday Sharon came by and helped me with photoshop. OMG it is fantastic, but my head is spinning! Sharon is a wealth of knowledge and is on a number of digi DT and she knows her stuff. Think of teaching your great grandma (that would be me!!) I am very slow but let me say I think I have got a handle on it and completed a few tasks I had to do (by myself!) I also loaded picasa 3 and nearly freaked out because it seemed to load EVERY photo I have ever taken. Mark is going to scream tomorrow when the puta is slow! I will just say " Those darn kids......."
you will see a few arty farty things soon as I continue to play.....
On the creative from I did two LO today. One for a quiz to see what "colour" I am. BLUE! calm even keeled person! but then you knew that didn't you....
I used the BG Marakesh pp (not all of them coz I had to keep it blue) this range is Divine BTW.

and the other one is a LO with my star sign! I used S.E.I. Madera Island PP they are just gorgeous. I have some left over so I will be using them again.

anyway must go and get some sleep! take care :)


I think I've got my MOJO back!

Yay! I have finally got a handle on things and managed to get five minutes to myself! I "found" these beautiful Basic Grey Bittersweet pp in my stash and had to use them to make this money box as part of an assignment for 3AS Uni. K&Co chipboard letters that I have been dying to use as well. The picture doesn't really do it justice. I used the Stamping up scallop punch to create the flowers and attached wire to the insides. I am using this money box to save for.....more scrap supplies! Don't know why though....before Christmas I had a massive clean up and packed everything away WELL it was like CHRISTMAS!! looking through my stash last night!
This is an altered 2 ring A4 binder. You know all those recipes you tear out of mags?!!!!? well this is going to house them in an orderly manner. (yeah now I have to find them!)
anyway thanks for stopping by :)


Have You Missed Me?

Coz it has been a while.......... I haven't really had any time to pursue anything of interest. Just work work work work work work work.....get the picture! Should settle down by the end of this week (hopefully!!)
On the home front little Paddy had ANOTHER shiner! whacked in the eye at a Jets game. It is not as bad a the other time but quite tender all the same. He was hoping it would be nice and bruised to get the sympathy vote for Grade 6 captain. He won his grade's nomination against 2 other boys so keep your fingers crossed. It will be announced on Friday. stay tuned.
I haven't done ONE creative thing for 3AS I just haven't had a block of time that I can get right to it AND I sort of lost my mojo too I think. A lovely comment on my slide the other day was enough to spark me up and I have booked in Wednesday night (for myself) to get started.
I booked my flights for the Sydney retreat today! cannot wait to meet these people I feel like I already know them.
Now check this website out. It was one a blog I was looking at.....can't remember which one but it is so cool.

I had a little play......and I feel something arty coming on......

see you later :)