Well congratulations to the Mighty Hawks! (I DON'T Barrack for them BTW) I was the only one going for them while we were watching the game. Love the underdog getting up! While we were watching the game Mark started to build my fireplace.

We are going to put a stacked brick wall with the gas log fire in the wall. It is going to look awesome.

Christie & Tom took the Littlies (Lach & Pat) to the show the other day. Such a nice thing for them to do.

They had a great time, going in on the train and they didn't tell the boys where they were going until they got to Spencer Street. I gave them $200 and I didn't get any change! Oh well they had a ball.

Christie is fancying herself as a bit of a photographer with these two pics

Can anyone tell me how these scrappers who churn out beautiful work time and time again AND run a family AND keep up to date with the washing AND ironing? I think I did 22 hours of folding and ironing (SOME things just NEED to be ironed!) yesterday. I have two LO on my dining room table begging me to finish them, but I just can't get in there!

Patrick is still unwell and I think he has passed it on to me! I feel like crap.

anyway gotta do some work :( the phone hasn't stopped ringing! must be the good weather!

hopefully some creativity next post.......

see ya:)

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