On the 21st & 22nd day of Christmas....

hehehehe getting to the end now eh! didn't think I'd be this regular.... thinking about doing the project 365...
Little Bonnie has been behaving a little differently to normal and I decided to take her to the vet. Now those who know me will remember the day after we got Molly (the dog) little Bonnie got caught under the rollerdoor for a good couple of hours (I am surprised it didn't kill her! by squashing her!) when she was saved (and only because the cute little puppy needed to go outside for a wee!) we heard her crying and opened the door and she sprung 8ft in the air and smashed her already sore back into the top of the rolladoor. never been the same really.  Now all her joints are inflamed and she cannot groom herself at the back.  The vet gave her an injection and shave up the back as it was so matted and felt like a growth! anyway clean bill of health now.

Aden and I went shopping (he wanted to drive that is why) so I reckon I am nearly finished....I just have to get it all out and wrap it (and count it!)


On the 19th & 20th Day of Christmas....

I was soooo not with it on Saturday morning!  I was awoken by a text and phone call at 9.35 am that I'd forgotten to meet my friends for Brekkie at 9.00! I threw on some clothes and got there in record time. Then I got a message that I'd FORGOTTEN a pool booking!, then a phone call from another friend saying had I forgot our coffee date?! Don't know what was happening with the brain cells but they were NOT working (still aren't I can hear some of you muttering....) When I got home, I just proved to myself that I am SOOO bad at time management ! I went to put on a load of washing and decided to clean out this cupboard that hasn't been opened oh for about 8 years! 7 green bags later....I notice that I could have wrapped the couple of presents I have got, folded the mountain of washing or even ironed, vac the floors or tackle my 2010 swim lists or any number of things that NEED my attention. But no....

On Sunday, I needed 5 quick presents so I made these in 25 minutes!  I love them!


On the 18th day of Christmas.....

today I was SUPPOSED to go to my LSS Christmas breakup at 10.00! but FINALLY after being a wife and mother got there at 4.30pm!!! Lucky I booked in to bothe sessions (day & night)  I was a bit disorganised and didn't have anything packed, not a photo ready and no ideas in my head! Bad start....
any way it was really nice to catch up with everyone as I hadn't been there on a Friday for the whole year!

I love these American Crafts letter stickers, I finally found them and bought two! and Lily Bee die cuts just gorgeous!

Had a bit of a play with Glimmer Mist and a Heidi Swapp mask.  The GM nozzle was glogged up and now I have BLUE fingers (any tips for getting it off?)

Now Jenny, Caz & Lynda don't look!  I made these cards for them!


ON the 16th & 17th day of Christmas......

Yes I am getting a little slack now putting 2 and three days on at a time! hehehe! but hey at least I am doing it! don't know if anyone really reads or cares but I'd like to do a little book (for no reason and I can't remember what I did 10 minutes ago so a good way to keep a log!)  Yesterday I had a pedicure! OMG! how freakin awesome! let me tell you if you have never had one or want to buy a present for someone THIS is what you get!  I have NEVER felt so good.  They soaked, scraped, massaged my legs and feet and painted my toenails ( I was going to take a pic of my feet for effect....but nah not going to!) but I WILL be doing that again! all nice and pretty for my havi's lol! (all 15 pairs of em!)

Today Paddy finished Primary school and he arrived at school for the last time in this stretch hummer! They were so excited and it was such a fantastic way to say goodbye to Primary school. (although they were so worried they would get in trouble for being showy)

They were picked up and drove around the town for 3/4 of an hour and then into the school car park where they thought they were rock stars!
Patrick asked me to sew on the back of his school polo his name and 09
SEW! are you kidding me! thank goodness for visoflix! ready in a jiffy!

He has gone to the pool and maccas (unsupervised) the perks of nearly being a high school kid.........


On the 13th,14th & 15th day of Christmas.....

Lachlan, Mark and I went to the city to get some more coffee pods for our cappa machine and Lachlan ONLY wants a PS3 for Christmas (as if..) anyway we got one and he is parting with half of his hard earned.
being the lovely mother I am....I let him open and try it out (just incase there was something wrong with it! lol after 2 days it has been packed up. But he loooves it!

Finally got the Christmas tree on Sunday and after a while Aden picked the tallest one we could find, they were all on the short side this year.  Patrick decided to decorate it for me. After he got all the lights on, he got too bored and left it at that!

On Monday Christie and I started the Christmas shopping and we left early and got back after 6!  my legs were killing me!  I hardly got anything! I am a bit worried that I have left things until the last minute but what the hell there is always money/vouchers!
Patrick spend his leisure time on http://www.yearbookme.com/ (don't bother it has closed until next year)
The first one reminds me of Ritchie Cunningham from Happy Days! lol and check out the last one, I love it.

and today Aden finished the desk he is making Patrick. It just needs a touching up and a coat of varnish! I am so happy with the finished product!

I went to the hairdressers today! I can't believe I found the time but it was in desperate need of some lovin'!  I was going to get it all chopped off (yes Sue!) but I chickened out at the last minute! I did, however, get a good four inches off and really layered at the back.  I am very happy with it and it is a pity I wount be able to replicate the style tomorrow! lol

see ya :)


On the 12th day of Christmas......

I finished work for the year!!!!!!! such a huge relief! Have to organise for 2010 but that will have to wait a few days until I get SOME shopping done at least!
I finished my challenge 3 layout and card for Scrapbook Divas



On the eleventh day of Christmas....

Aden came home from Newcastle!
Lachlan had his last game of Jets for the year and finished with a nice win!

The 3rd challenge at Scrapbook Divas is this 6 x 12 should be intersting as I have never done one of these before.  Haven't had a chance to even think about it and just deciding what photo to use.

also have to do a card following this sketch.


On the tenth day of Christmas......

Patrick graduated from Primary School!

We had a lovely ceremony and supper and after 14 years of children at Primary School  I thought I'd be a little sad.....maybe on Thursday when he finally finishes!


On the nineth day of Christmas......

I am ready to collapse! not enough hours in the day! This testing for our certificates is awfully time consuming and just when we were on the home stretch......a child vomited in the pool and because kids were doing laps, it spread around REALLY quickly!  I had to cancel the rest of the night which was really disappointing as kids had psyched themselves to be able to complete it!  Took me 90 minutes to just to clean.  I have got everything back to normal now..thank goodness!
The worst part is trying to arrange make ups for the children in a very limited time frame!


On the eighth day of Christmas.....

curiosity got the better of me and I opened my Secret Santa Prezzie from someone at Scrapz.biz.



On the seventh day of Christmas.......

Little Molly had her hair & nails done.  Not a pleasant chore! I sent Christie lol

now she looks beautiful!
We also had our netball breakup dinner.  We lost the preliminary final this year but we have our sights set on the flag in 2010!



on the sixth day of Christmas.......

Christie, Patrick (only because he had  nothing beter to do!) and I went and saw New Moon.  I will be so ultra busy with the last week of term that I will not have a chance to go and see it before it finishes!  I have read all the books (in about a week) and thoroughly enjoyed the story.  A lot of my friends tsk tsked  me for getting sucked in (lol) by a vampire book but I didn't get that. It is more of a love story and I thought it was extremely well written too!  The same with the Harry Potter books, I wanted to read what all the fuss was about.....hate being out of the loop! and I loved them too!

I did this LO for Scrapbook Divas challenge two.  I used alcohol inks on transparancy paper.  I just love love love working with these inks and definitely will be using them again! I wanted the background to look a little like the colourful Great Barrier Reef. It looks more colourful IRL!


On the fifth day of Christmas......

Aden left to go to Newcastle to ref the 2009 Australian School Championships.  He will be gone the week and my it will be quiet here.........
He was nominated and selected to attend  and it is quite an achievement for him.


on the fourth day of Christmas.......

I quickly made this cards for a mail art swap at Scrapbook Divas I made the envelopes as well! Don't ask me how I even found the time!


On the third day of Christmas......

I got this in the mail!  my Secret Santa from Scrapz.biz

there is nothing nicer than getting a letter or a parcel and KNOWING it is not a bill! :)
And Lachlan has finished school and will not be returning until Feb 2nd 2010!  OMG that is 2 months off!!!!!!!! obviously the more you pay the less you go!


On the second day of Christmas......

I received a lovely envelope in the post! filled with yellow goodness!  A yellow swap from 3AS
gorgeous, cute little things and I cannot wait to use them.

I also received this stunning bouquet of roses from a teacher of mine.  How colourful are they!

I also FORGOT to put up and FILL my advent calendar.  I quilted this calendar about 10 years ago and I have never forgotten to get it ready......usually costs me $50 to fill it up :) and the funny thing is that NONE of the children noticed! anyway KARMA restored and it is up and filled.

And Patrick bagged around 70 bags of lollies for me!  and if anyone reading is a swimming client.....I made him wash his hands first!
Heaps more to go but it will be quicker now as they are sick of eating them.  One in the mouth one in the bag.........

see ya :)


On the first day of Christmas we.....

Sent Patrick to his orientation day at High School! He just loved it and has been quite ready to move on and is really excited to begin this whole new phase in his life. I am not sad at all to say goodbye to 14 years of primary school!  It has been fun and I have met some wonderful people and the staff are just gorgeous but time for me to move on and let someone else have a go (they are probably all cheering now!)

Christie WON her A open netball grandfinal!  she played and goaled very well!

Sent my entry in for Scrap.Biz so disappointed with my effort!  I had such grand plans (in my dreams) and it really didn't turn out like I imagined :(  When I looked in the gallery, OMG there are so many fabulous displays I was just blown away (thinking to myself...WHY didn't I think of that!)


Aden was nominated for Sportsperson of the year award at school but didn't win but he did win the SACCSS Sportsperson award for Salesian College!
Did have a quicky trip to Queensland and visited my parents.  It was really great to see them and we had a nice time (without the kids!)  and yes I did manage to get to BOTH scrap shops in the area!

that is all for now!
see ya!