I was at the hairdressers this morning ( will get to that in a minute) and she said 1st April tomorrow and I could NOT beleive it!!!! In my head it is still around the 13th March or there abouts~! anyway I have decided a change is as good as a holiday! I have gone a chestnutty browny colour! AND had it all chopped off!!! to just above my shoulders! will share when I take a nice photo! Patrick, Lachlan & Aden have all taken a dozen each but I don't like any of them so you will have to wait for the big reveal!! Will have to take a nice photo before I have to wash and do it myself because I can never get it to look like how the salon does it!
anyway I decided to have a go at this month's Kraft it UP used mixed lettering. We searched and searched for a pink raincoat to match Christie's pink gumboots and couldn't find one anywhere! anyway settled for a red one and she wore it this one time and after it mysteriously went missing and I NEVER found it again!
also a few cards

Aden finally started his first Jets Youth League game last Saturday night and thoroghly enjoyed himself and is looking forward to the season.

Lachlan & Patrick both had practice matches for footy last Sunday (well that is the last of ANY SPARE TIME I HAVE!!!!) there goes my weekend! anyway they both like their teams and are also looking forward to the start of the season.

and a sneak peak of Patrick's hair do photography.....

blurry on purpose so you cannot see the wrinkles! lol

Stacey's Stamping Challenge #23

I have had another crack at this weeks Stacey Schaffer's colour combo challenge #23 and I thought the SU Blooming with Happiness stamp set would be perfect for this gorgeous colour combo! and Kraft goes with everything!  Really loving these challenges.


for someone with very little time on her hands...

I can certainly find time for anything crafy!  I am loving the card challenge blogs at the moment and my card skills are a little lacking.  I have been blog surfing and there are some awfully talented people out there!!! Anyway decided to give MOJO MONDAY a whirl.....
not entirely happy as it didn't turn out quite as I had it in my head but there is always next week.

Trying my hand a crocheting and I had a friend who was very patient and taught me.  It took me forever to "GET IT" but after a while something seemed to click and I was on my way!!! I am going to make a granny blanket while I watch my boys play footy this season.  Seeing as I hate just sitting there and I cannot do any scrapbooking (der) That is my project for the year! will keep you posted.
The red is my practice colour! The photo on the book is what I am going to attempt.
I am also attempting to cook! (blah) nicer meals for my family instead of the same old boring stuff.  I made a risotto last week that they thought was bought because it tasted so nice (hehehehe)
anyway this is what I cooked last night (recipe courtesy of Carolyn!) thanks mate!
voila! Well Mark didn't mind it...........


I had a little time this arvo

so I decided to join in on Stacey Schafer Curtain Call Challenge #22 my lovely friend Sue made me gasp with her DT entry which was just awesome.  This is my first time so I hope I obeyed the rules properly  and I work out that Mr Linky thingy!!!lol not too tech is me!  Anyway the colours were to be inspired by the following.....
and here is my card.

there IS pink, red, yellow, black & white (the card! it counts!!!!)
anyway I had fun it gets me in my scrap room.  Still looking for my medium nestability :(  I think I have accidently thrown it out.  I am hoping they sell them as singles not in packs (for this very reason!)  I don't think I would be the only idiot to lose one in the scrapping mess.......


A bit excited..

My first sub to Stamping and Papercraft and I got a card accepted! Sent it off about last April and forgot about it and it was published in this month's mag! woo hoo. I never usually sub to the card mags and I make a card after every LO with the scraps.
Scraptacular hosted Nic Howard in a weekend choc full of classes.  Naomi, Danielle & I decided to book in for the Saturday classes.  The classroom at Scraptacular is just brilliant, so big and roomy and perfect to host these classes.
Our first class was 3 LO in two hours!!!!

I have to add a bit of journaling and dates but they are pretty much finished!  I was really happy to have completed them all (bar a little tweaking) Usually if I don't finish in the class, I rarely come home and finish it!
We had a beautiful lunch and then straight on to the second class a little mini book.  It didn't really grab me at the start but I shortened the length of mine and by the time I finished it I loved it.  We used the prima printed cardboard and made a groovy little pocket thingy for the back and I will used that technique again.

We had to leave half way through the 3rd class which was a beautiful double LO with a summer theme and I definitely will complete THAT LO!
will show it at a later date when I complete it.

The scrapper in me COULDN'T resist a photo with Nic and the girls!
Then we raced off to my boy's basketball finals.....

Aden played his last ever U18 domestic basketball game.  After a bit of controversy, he played in the grand final and they won by 10! a fitting end.
Lachlan, however wasn't that lucky..... This team have gone through the season undefeated and LOST the grand final.

Don't know what happens to them BUT this is the THIRD time this has happened!  They were disappointed but there is always next season.


A few people have asked if I could show LO from a few posts back.  Sorry about that! didn't know anyone actually read this blog 'cept my mum! lol anyway here it is.

more soon......


21 years married!......less for murder! lol

Here is the calendar for the month of March
This is Mark & I on a cruise we went on together around the Fijiian Islands. Haven't changed a bit.........well actually he has! People often comment that I am so nice taking my father out........ hahahahaha lol Mark thinks I am hilarious........NOT
A girlfriend of mine celebrated her fortieth recently and this is the card I made.
Mel Forbes from 3AS recently had a challenge for the CC that used the website befunky.com  and I remembered I used it ages ago but forgot about it. Anyway I had a play with the header photo and here are some of the photos.
Have a play it is so cool.


I am slowly starting to

get Christie's album ready for her 21st! I know she is only 19 but in the scrapping world things CAN move so slowly if your mojo goes!  I have been wanting to scrap important milestones for the moment and anything else will be a bonus!  I that God that I was so diligent with her baby book and probably a bit OTT when I look back on it for dates!  I know the date she got every tooth and the date she lost them!!! ha ha ha NOT so good with the boys though....will have to make that up when it comes to their book! lol

made a card with the left over pp.


All the kids have been doing well in their swimming sports.  They only really swim once a year and it blows me away that they still are quite competitve! Aden won 2 of his races and came 2nd in one and missed out on Age Champion by 1 point!  Lachlan did get Age Champion and Patrick also got 3 seconds. Brilliant effort by all three of them.  They went on to compete against the big guns at MSAC where they placed in every event they went in.  Aden broke in his freestyle race! It was a first! In his LAST competitive race ever at school he miss timed the start and broke. Lachlan also did in his breaststroke race.  Weird...
Aden & Patrick were happy to let me be a scrapbooker and take photos of them with their ribbons.....but not Mr Cool! he said, "Later mum!"

I took this photo of Lachlan as he jumped in for his backstroke race.  It looks like he is standing on water. funny.

Over  at 3 Angels Scrapping they had an awesome CC over the week end and although I was busy and had a massive headache, I did manage to complete 2 LO's.   I  have wanted to use this photo of my parents I had found from 1965. I decided to use this with Susan Longman's sketch and made me happy because it gave me a chance to use the crackle paint I had just bought!
I used Natalie's colour code for this of Patrick. Thought he was going to be rich after losing a front tooth and the other was almost ready to come out too.  Not too happy with it, but I filled the criteria ! :)
My mate has moved away and I made a card for a little letter I have written her.

also HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Suzanne for making the DT for Stacey Schafer a card making challenge blog! woo hoo! Suzanne has a gorgeous style, I love everything she does a lot like 3AS Natalie and I think I made the above card with their style in mind!  **Thanks Sue for always lending your stamps with a smile**