I won! I won! I won! YAY!!! Wicked Princesses Fashionista Competition! The prize is ALL THEIR KITS for October!!! $180.00 so excited! AND to top it off I also won a $15.00 store voucher for my father's day LO in their cyber crop! Thank you to my friends who voted, love ya!  They are holding another one next year so stayed tuned....

My effort for Scrapz.biz The scrapper of OZ comp.  Not really happy with it, It actually looks better in real life.  Didn't really come together like I planned!
Nat at 3 Angels set a challenge to do a LO with NO PATTERNED PAPER (WT?) and scollopes and buttons.........

well it came together pretty quickly BUT when I was putting the buttons on! ARGGGGH! stoopid DMagic dripped onto the black part and it stands out like DB's! I will have to be creative and try and fix it some how!
Will have to play with my camera....taking really dodgy photos atm.
It is that time again and we are heading off to the beach for our annual Progressive dinner party. 2 originals won't be there and we have a ring in!  I am on Dessert this year.  I am doing pavlova nests with raspberry icecream and mixed berries over the top!  cheating though I haven't got time to make the pav nests so I have bought the pre made ones..... wonder if they will notice!?



As I have bought a new Miele Oven, they offer a............ well I call it a cooking course but it was actually a lesson in how to properly use your oven with some ultra yummy food thrown in!
When we arrived ( I had to book this and it is booked out now until after Jan 2010) we had a beautiful cino and chocolates.  I watched her make it and I am doing the same thing so I think i'll just keep doing what I am doing and more practice for me!

We sat and watched while she explained ALL the functions on all ovens and cooked a delicious frittata, fillet of beef and marinated chicken breasts (which took 14 minutes to cook!) no wonder mine are always burnt!
Roast potatoes, pumpkin and carrots.

I think they thought I was a little weird....taking photos lol
and for dessert we had this delicious berry flan.......and my oven you don't need to blind bake! Hell I probably wouldn't have done it anyway!  I was soooo impressed with how easy this was I went to the Chef's hat during the lunch break and bought a flan dish!

so yummy and so so so easy! I really need to put some more effort into my cooking....


How good is this.....

I have just bought a new Miele Cappacino Machine.....OMG it is AHHHHHHH fantastic and I just love love love love it!  I am still practicing and hopefully will get the coffee not on the sides and just the froth......mmmmm good!


Anyway here are my last two LO for the Wicked Princesses fashionista comp.

My own style with some journaling of myself..... well I have no idea what MY STYLE is I really just go with what grabs me....maybe there is a style and if you think you can see it (coz I can't) please let me know what you think I lean towards.  Since I have turned 40 I have become rather pleased with how I can stick up for myself and not just agree and be a pushover. At 44, I am still a BIT of a pushover BUT I am getting better at saying NO when things don't suit me.

Lachlan and I mucking around (as usual when the camera is on) Maybe that is why there are NEVER any nice photos of me!.

We thought Patrick had broken his arm today! thank goodness it is just badly sprained and not broken and all is good.  NO SKATE PARK for him for a while!


finally finished my all white LO!

Whew! it is really hard to do an ALL white LO with NO colour at all.  I have scrapped this photo of Christie before but I think it suited the theme perfectly!  so hard to photograph! but I just love how it turned out very soft & pretty.

a close up

and another!
Scrapz.Biz have started their The Scrapperof Oz and their first round was to create a picture scene

here is my entry!  I had such fun doing this!  I had so many different ideas involving the the kids in various scenes, but this one I really liked so I went ahead with it.  There are some fantastic LO in the gallery, very imaginative.
Can't wait for round two.......


Forgot to tell you..........

I got this for my birthday.. The kids were happy that they got me something I wanted...but didn't know what the heck it did!  I haven't used it yet, but when I do......

The Scrappin Kats with my week 6 ( i think) pink, blue, sliver & white.  I had a bit of trouble getting the blue in there but the pearls on the 5 are blue!

Krissy over at Wicked Princesses set a challenge for their CC on the weekend and here is my sample.  Kayla
gave a brilliant link from the Pink Paisley site with the flowers (on the left) I thought they were brilliant and I wanted to use them on a LO straight away!  doesn't matter that it is a boy page lol!

Made it through to the top 5 in their project Fashionista! woo hoo !!


some cards......

and Jo at  3Angels Scrapping are having a THINK PINK card challenge and LO challenge

thats all for now ;)


Back from my retreat!

I had the best time at Scraphaven's retreat. The food, accomodation, the people I went with were all fantastic!  I managed to complete 7 yes 7 pages and 7 cards!!!! I normally have retreat freeze and talk and fart around but this year I actually created and was happy with what I'd done.

This is my first Christmas and I love this photo.  I have used a trasparency can you tell I am loving them at the moment.

Mark & I back in 1983 which was his 19th birthday and the lower one is at Lee's wedding in August this year.  The journalling reads: 2 houses, 7 cars, 4 kids, 1 cat, 1 dog, 1 caravan, 25 Christmases, 50 birthdays, 19 father's days, 19 mother's days, 1 at Primary, 2 at secondary & 1 at uni, Life is good.
I have to get some more Carolee little letters as I need a few more a's! lol

Christie was a flowergirl for a Shire Debutante Ball in 1999 and her and Aden and their cousins just loved dressing up and being a part of the formalities.  Photo doesn't really do this justice!

This was one of the Donna Loughnan's classes.  I did change a few things so it doesn't really look like the sample! can you tell I love Cosmo cricket?  The title has dimensional magic (love that stuff).

This is my Challenge 5 for Wicked Princesses the challenge was to use Green, Pink & Yellow and have satin on the LO.
I have a couple others but I will load them later, I just have to add some journaling and whatnot!

The Scrappin Kats Christmas card challenge for Week 5.  I am liking how I have a stash up already! still open for anyone to join.

On another note, I am so proud of Aden, he was awarded at the SBA AGM last night The Mick Betson & Ron Elliott memorial trophy for the most promising junior boy.  He had no idea he was getting the award and I got him there on the pretence that I needed him take a photo of me giving an award! Anyway he was happy and we are proud!

I shall get all my cards and the other LO in a little while.

see ya!


Well if that was two weeks holiday....I've had it!

School starts back on Monday and I start back with work and life returns to normal :(  I love school holidays but I will be glad to have the house to myself again.........until Christie finishes uni in 3 weeks and then she will be home ALL THE TIME!  I will tell her I have jobs and that should do the trick ;) lol
This is my  Wicked Princesses Week 4 entry.

Shabby Chic, lace and pearls.  I don't know if I hit the mark with the shabby chic but at least I did a LO of myself!  That would have to be a first!!!!  I really enjoyed this and it came together quickly, I don't think the photo does it justice as it is more bright IRL.
The Scrappin Kats are doing their challenges Christmas cards and here is my Week 4 card.  It had to be a combination of all the other weeks, Christmas tree, ribbon, the sketch, pink green red & black.

see I didn't waste any pompom ribbon! lol

Can you tell I love a challenge?  Scrapz.biz are holding challenges for WORLD CARD MAKING DAY (can my NON SCRAP FRIENDS STOP LAUGHING!!)   There is nothing better that building up your stash and they have challenges running all weekend and if you load them before midnight on Wednesday 7th October (OOH I THINK!!??) you win some prizes.  Here are Friday's challenges:

The colour red, dots, string & at least one button. 

This one was for a sketch which stumped me for a while and then came together really quickly and again dodgy photo doesn't do it justice!  Now can someone MOVE and they will be getting this baby!
that is it for now.
see ya :)