Well congratulations to the Mighty Hawks! (I DON'T Barrack for them BTW) I was the only one going for them while we were watching the game. Love the underdog getting up! While we were watching the game Mark started to build my fireplace.

We are going to put a stacked brick wall with the gas log fire in the wall. It is going to look awesome.

Christie & Tom took the Littlies (Lach & Pat) to the show the other day. Such a nice thing for them to do.

They had a great time, going in on the train and they didn't tell the boys where they were going until they got to Spencer Street. I gave them $200 and I didn't get any change! Oh well they had a ball.

Christie is fancying herself as a bit of a photographer with these two pics

Can anyone tell me how these scrappers who churn out beautiful work time and time again AND run a family AND keep up to date with the washing AND ironing? I think I did 22 hours of folding and ironing (SOME things just NEED to be ironed!) yesterday. I have two LO on my dining room table begging me to finish them, but I just can't get in there!

Patrick is still unwell and I think he has passed it on to me! I feel like crap.

anyway gotta do some work :( the phone hasn't stopped ringing! must be the good weather!

hopefully some creativity next post.......

see ya:)


HAPPY 16th ADEN!!!

My baby is 16 today and he is celebrating by taking a morning cruise along the Katherine Gorge and then on to Kakadu National Park. I hope he has an awesome day. Miss him heaps.....(and so missing my camera ;(

Yesterday, because I couldn't go out to scrap as Patrick was really quite ill, I stayed at home and ignored the housework, laundry, dusting, ironing, cooking, unmade beds....get the picture! They are still here today.....so whats the point? Anyway I watched some movies on my laptop and scrapped away.

This is the photo Em took of Christie for her folio. I really love the naturalness of it. Scrapped it straight away (miracle!)

This is Lachlan's confirmation last year. This is for his Grade 6 book.
ANOTHER Basketball LO (lol)
I did another 3 a double page for Christie's VCE book and a 12 x 12 when she first rolled over. I did use ALOT of kindy klitz....I have to stick it all down and will show later. Hope it photographs well as the sparkle looks so pretty.
Well off to do the laundry.......then watch the GRANNY ! I am barracking for the HAWKS today.
see ya :)


Christie the model ;)

Christie's friend has to do something for her portfolio and we all know how much Christie loves the camera...........behind or in front.......doesn't matter. Anyway these are a few from the day. I really love the first one. Might use that for a LO.......
Little Paddy is very sick with a throat infection. He has gone down like a bag of you know what. He can't even lift his head off the pillow. I tried to get into the Dr's yesterday but like every clinic in this town, totally booked out. Anyway drugged him up to tide him over until this morning.
Can't even go scrapping, bugger, The kids should know NOT to get sick on a friday, that is my day :( well stuff the housework for the moment, I will churn out a few things this afternoon.



My girlfriend emailed me this morning and as she was checking out THIS http://www.3angelsscrapping.com.au she saw my LO on their front page. How funny and exciting!! go check it out!! whoo hoo yee har!

really really missing my baby (the camera that is!!) oh Missing Aden too.........


What a weekend!

Well what a weekend! After the funeral on Friday. The biggest funeral I have ever seen. Cameron must have been well liked/loved as there were so many people paying their respects at his funeral. It was very sad, and I think I cried all day and most of the weekend. We will miss "The Cameroon."

I had to drive all the way to Albury (3.5 hrs) and I was knackered by the end of it and glad Lee had a cold champagne waiting for me!
The tournament was great, the kids had so much fun as did the adults! Patrick's U12 team won every game (quite convincingly) and won the grand final.
Lachlan filled in for another U14 team and had a ball. He actually looked like he had been playing with them all season. They made it to the Granny but fell short by 3 points :(

After getting up at 5.00am this morning, we drove straight home and to another funeral. It was a beautiful service and it was nice to catch up with friends, that we haven't seen for a while.
Aden messaged some great photos of Uluru and I think sunset? He is having a ball and we are missing him heaps!
Great that it is school holidays.....maybe I can get some creative juices flowing......
see ya :)



ADEN off to KAKADU! :(

Well the boy is off to KAKADU. I hope he has a ball. 41 of them left by bus this morning at 10.30.
I am really distraught!!! HE TOOK MY CAMERA!!! I feel so empty. I don't think I can cope without it. I feel as if I have lost a limb. Gonna have to buy another one.................that new digital SLR I have been wishing for!

stay tuned...

see ya :)


My 3rd BABY becomes a TEENAGER!

Lachlan has become a teenager! My gorgeous 2nd son had his 13th birthday today. He had his two friends Chris & Jayden stay over and I think they finally got to bed around three this morning. He decided the GOLD CLASS was the way to go and along with Galactic Arcade games and Laser wars, this was the perfect way to spend your birthday. I had tried to talk him into having a party, but he was adamant not to. I finally got out of him that he was worried that people would 'wreck the house' smear cake and throw lollies and he couldn't bear that. We went to this Galactic Circus and I gave them all $30 each and they had a ball! they won so many tickets they couldn't carry them all! when it come to cashing them in, for my $90 bucks they got 3 mini basketball rings and 3 bouncy balls. OMG I could have got that at the $2 shop for TWO DOLLARS. Oh well they had fun.

Like Paddy and his friends, Lach, Chris & Jayden LOVED ordering all the goodies at having them come at different times, popcorn, coke and maltesers! (Lach felt sick at the end) we saw the DARK KNIGHT and it was fantastic. HEATH LEDGER is brilliant as the joker, I don't doubt he will win an OSCAR for his role.
There was a 2 hour wait for the LASER TAG so we will do that in the holidays. After the grandparents and Auntie & cousins came around we had CHINESE for dinner (his choice) and did the cake. Poor kid is so tired he took himself off to bed at 9.30! Happy Birthday Lach!

Patrick played Volleyball yesterday for the interschool sports. I didn't think he could play, but he was quite good at it! His school won 2 out of three games and they had a ball. Unfortunately, they won't go any further as they had to win all their games.
Christie and I played in our basketball grand finals (this is the last Basketball talk for a while!!!!!) Christie played really well and WON! not bad for a team who finished 4th! I played in our grand final and we almost had to forfeit as everyone was either sick or had something broken! We didn't rate ourselves at all. Anyway, WE WON! by 3 points and I was given MVP for the game woo hoo!!

I finished my 3as LO. I have to get it done before I go away. It came together really fast! I think It took 90 minutes. I don't think I have ever had anything come together so quickly.
Anyway off to make sure Aden is packed for his Kakadu trip!
see ya :)


What a weekend! Happy & Sad........

This has been such a full on weekend! Some really great fun things and some absolutely terrible things have happened. The sad thing was a friend of ours, from school days, passed away in his sleep. He was only 44. A great guy and fun to be around and he will be missed terribly by his wife, four daughters and family and friends. It is unknown what happened as yet, but it will leave a huge hole in the community. RIP Cam.

On Friday morning, after thinking I had been booted out of the 3AS competition (the first email was really early in the morning!) I hadn't heard by 8.30 and I thought ah well, round two is ok. Then I got the email. Yee Har made it to ROUND 3!!!!but then so did everybody else. The judging panel couldn't decide as everyone followed the criteria and they all looked fabbo. The next round sounds great. Use anything, everything, be creative and leave your mark. I will have to get it done quickly as I have a basketball tournament this week-end.

Friday night Christie unfortunately LOST her u20's grand final by 12 points. I don't really think their hearts were in it. That was Christie's last game of Jets (for the moment) bigger and better things are calling.....

Lachlan's domestic grand final was won pretty easily and convincingly. Hopefully the boys will go up a grade and have some competition.
Aden coaches an U16 side and they just won their grand final by 4 points! Pretty scrappy game but it is nice to come away with a win.
His team all went to La Porchetta's for dinner and they bought him a voucher for Rebel Sport, so he was happy. He has decided he won't be coaching them next season, as he can't fit it all in (?).
On Sunday we drove over to Dandenong to by Lachlan a pair of AIRFORCE 1's THAT was the only place I could find them in his size so he is a happy chappy (part of his birthday present).
We also went to Illusions and bought a gas log fire for outside. Going to make a start on getting it finished. pictures later!

Also we had the 6th month anniversary!!!! complete with a cake! Thats going in the VCE book!

I have got so much to do this week, Patrick has his Sports Day tomorrow, Lach's bday on Wednesday..................... no time nor rest for the wicked.

I will leave you with this funny......I couldn't stop laughing, it is soooo me!
see ya :)


Off to the GRANNY!

Aden is off to a party and said " I need a card" (he is going in 10 minutes!!!!) I literally took 2 minutes to make this.....

Now I just have to find some money to put in it...............................

Aden coaches an U16 boys basketball team and they are in the Grand Final tomorrow. (Does it seem like I am always talking about Grand Finals?) They are having dinner at La Porchettas and Aden needs to give his Team Manager Mary a small thank you gift, so I quickly made this in his teams colours. I just blobbed blue and white paint onto the back of two transparencies and twisted them together and then apart to get the mottled look. With staz on black ink on the front. Photo doesn't really do it justice.

A LO with Lachlan & Patrick at the swimming sports last year.
Off to Christie's Jets Grand Final....wish her luck.
see ya :)


Had a productive night!

Christie has only had her licence for 45 days!!! and already she has a speeding ticket. $227.00 an expensive lesson I reckon. I actually photocopied the fine and attached it to the LO.
Three little cards for tomorrows class. Happy with these as they are all from one sheet of card stock. The elements use up the rest of the paper and the FancyPants sheet.
see ya :)


Our little Pooch Molly was 5 yesterday (like we need another birthday in September!!) She is totally spoiled and runs this place (after Christie) but we totally love her!
The 3AS have loaded all the "nature shots" for round two, they all look stunning. Go and have a look.

Finished another LO last night.
I have also finished another two and all I need is to print one or two things and WOULDN'T you know it.............I have run out of ink on the computer. I shall show tomorrow.
The class I am doing a SCRAPHAVEN tomorrow has been cancelled as the papers didn't arrive in time from QLD. bugger. The Friday is still going ahead as planned.
see ya :)



Patrick had funny hat/hair day to raise money for.................something and this is the product of some purple hair spray. Matches his top! and not too far from his original hair colour!!
Christie won her A grade domestic basketball final last night (What the...) they finished 4th and some how ended up in the granny! Hope they win both!!!
Finally finished my 3AS LO and sent it in. The photo was the real problem, couldn't really find anything that grabbed me. They will be posted on the website http://3angelsscrapping.com.au tomorrow (fingers crossed I get into the next round!) The LO had to have NO PEOPLE in it..........is also stipulated all green PP & CS (fun though).
Now that I have finished that, I can get onto something else. Feeling like I haven't done anything creative for ages.


He's makin' music

Aden has been having guitar lesson with school since he was in year 7. He didn't learn very much! Although he never really practiced. Now and again he would strum the acoustic guitar our neighbour lent us, but nothing that would resemble a tune could be heard!

I have moved him to another guitar teacher to have private one on one lessons and in two terms he has learnt more than the three years! grrrrrrrr.

The other day he bought himself an electric guitar and a HUGE amp and has been practicing ALL the time. I am really happy that he is practicing (practice makes perfect) but holy cow can you CHANGE tunes once and a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christie has cracked it BIG time and the more she complains the LOUDER it gets. Lachlan is really over it and I think secretly wants to join in and have a jamming session! but "My guitar is crap mum!"

I will have to ask his teacher to maybe start on another tune.

Christie is well and nearly back to her normal self but Paddy isn't feeling too well (milking it though) Lachlan and Aden are both germ free at the moment.

Christie's boyfriend Tom has gone to NZ and she spends all her spare time talking to him on WEBCAM. Sort of defeats the purpose of "while he is gone" maybe: clean your room, do some extra study, catch up with your neglected friends, talk to your mum!

Oh well maybe I will send her an email!

see ya :)



Patrick was 11 yesterday! You don't realise how fast the time goes until a birthday rolls around! Pretty quiet day (All the fun was had on Saturday!) We did the HAPPY FATHERS DAY for Mark after Patrick opened all his prezzies. He was very happy with his IPOD nano and his Wii Mario Kart and Mario Party 8 (just what I wanted mum!) really?
I made a beautiful breakfast for everyone.........bacon, eggs, mushroom, tomatoes, the whole works. It was so yummy. I just don't get it though..................He is NOT my dad, yet I ran around trying to make brekkie for 6 people, trying to keep it hot and make toast and poached eggs while ONE went back to bed.....ONE went on the computer......One played PS2 and well it was Pat's birthday so I don't expect him to do anything and Mark had to go out and clean & test the pool. With NO offers of any help. Our own fault though! (I can hear my mother's voice loud and clear!) After I CLEANED up, I organised afternoon tea for Mark's mum & dad and sister in law with my niece and nephew. It was really nice with all the cakes & sandwiches and then we did the cake thing.
The birthday boy chose KFC and he really wanted us to eat in (?) so we trotted off to KFC and ate our dinner (greasy horrible stuff) Lee, Mark Dan & Arleigh came back for ANOTHER cake and poor Patrick started feeling sick (might have been that KFC!) I think he is getting Christie's flu. He went to bed with a headache and a bucket. Nice end to your birthday poor thing!


Winners & Losers!

My big baby (Christie) arose from her DEATHBED to help her Jets team defeat Mornington in the Prelim and are now in the GRAND FINAL next week. She didn't do too bad..... I drugged her up on cold & flu and panadol. She also went to school on Friday and that really tired her out. Considering she feels dreadful, she didn't do too bad. Now we just have to beat Craigieburn.......

My littlest baby (Paddy) was in a domestic prelim today and they started out fantastic, all their shots were going in and they were all playing like a team. Then all of a sudden it all went haywire...nothing went right. Anyway to cut a long story short, cause I could go on about the REAL reason we lost....but I won't, never mind, there is always next season! :) and basketball just goes on and on and on..

The boys don't care, much to their credit, Patrick and his friends had BETTER things to do. Considering they had just played AGAINST each other they are great mates.

My baby BABY is turning 11 tomorrow. He decided to take 3 friends to GOLD CLASS and have dinner at CROWN CASINO and play laser whatever.

We got to the city a little early and I gave the boys $10 each and they went to play the arcade games. This they thought was fantastic!
Then we went to gold class and they just loved ordering from the menu! "At the start, I will have a coke and some skittles and 15 minutes in I will have a choc top and half way through I will have some maltesers and another drink!" They thought they were in heaven.
Once they got into the actual cinema, they certainly made themselves comfortable!They loved the chairs and how far they reclined and the waitress bringing them food every 15 minutes and the movie HELLBOY 2 ( I think I fell asleep). Paddy said after the movie, "THAT is the only way to watch a movie!"
They played some LASER SKIRMISH after the movie and apparently, that is the best thing ever. Home, swim, cake and a giant lolly bag and they all went home!!! We have to have the SLEEPOVER part during the school holidays (ugg) As it is father's Day tomorrow, best make DH day as nice as possible. (a few less kids)

Made a couple of 18th cards.

Anyway off to pick up Aden from a party.
See ya :)