I hate my computer! I am having so much trouble with the stupid thing! NO memory everything is so slow! I want to put my holiday photos up! I want to put the kids sport things up! I haven't received any emails for two days and I keep receiving the SAME email 92 times (as at the time of typing this) norton says there is no virus but I can SEND emails! I can get on the net! I am going to scream! NOW norton says I am NOT protected but there is not enough memory for updates to restore! Breathe, breathe ..............
I just want to get some scrapping done and every time I think I can get started, something gets in my way! I planned to scrap this week but with sick teachers (I HAD TO GET IN!!!!) and canteen duty and the STOOPID PUTA! there has been no time.


I bought a new car! oh well it isn't a new new car but it is really new and I just love it! It isn't the Audi :( but I'll get that...........eventually! It is a slate grey Ford Focus and it is a manual! I haven't driven a manual car in 26 years but it all came flooding back really quickly! A few stalls and bunny hops later and it was like I'd never stopped!
Still haven't done any crafty things but I am on my way! I have started unpacking and reorganizing and I am brimming with ideas and can't wait to get back to it!
On the family front Aden came 3rd in SACCS cross country and achieved another personal best time! I am constantly amazed at his perseverance with his running and his dedication to his goal. He was to have his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT last Sunday! His instructor rang in the morning and cancelled due to the weather! He was devastated (I was relieved!) For those of you who don't live in Melbourne....It was blowing a gale...my washing was all over the garden and it was absolutely throwing it down. I wouldn't have like to go in a 747 let alone the little plane he flies!Patrick and his U12 boys lost their Preliminary final on Sunday (they played in the disgusting weather) they lost by 2 after winning for most of the match. Ah well...next year.
I coach Patrick's mixed netball side and we were fortunate to win the Regional Championship and are headed off to the state finals in September! Wish us luck!

see you later :)



Yes been a bad blogger! I am feeling a bit depressed because since I have got back from Thailand, I haven't done ANYTHING crafty or arty farty! :( I still haven't unpacked from the retreat! I cannot seem to get my house in order (or all clean at the same time!) I am having a talk with the family tonight and telling them to at least clean up after themselves and I can take a few steps FORWARD!
On another bright note my darling friend of 30 years told me on MONDAY she was getting married on SATURDAY! nothing fancy but could I be there and DON'T tell anyone! OK. I had a very hectic week so that was NO biggy! Saturday came around and after a horrible wet Friday, the sun shone beautifully. It was a very quiet affair with only immediate family and ME! present. I wish them nothing but happiness!


a quicky!

don't want to whinge! BUT I have had this headache for at least 2 weeks now and It is driving me crazy! I think it is something sinister BUT I have been known to dramatise things! The doc said to have a head and neck massage and see her in a week. I may have been knocked (more like hip & shouldered by a feral C grade women's basketball team) and that might have done it. Anyway, enough of that!
BLOGGER is being really unreasonable and not letting me move my photos around! Sharon if you are reading this .......WHY??????!!!! I click and drag but it doesn't drag :(
The first photo is of a shadowbox that I completed at the 3AS retreat. Taught by the beautiful Mel Forbes and it is something I have never done before. I have also shown some closeups but they are out of sequence :( The dad's undies is a challenge LO at the retreat. Everyone had the same papers and all the LO were spectacular! and all very different. Christie used to wear her father's underwear around the house all the time (thank goodness she grew out of that one) and the second Lo is one I love of Christie. She had just had her deb makeup done.
Anyway I am going to bed to start the last book in the twilight series Breaking Dawn.
still editing the B*##@y holiday photos. I have a bit of an idea how I am going to do my album. I am really loving LYB traveller range atm. So stay tuned!
see ya :)
PS Good luck DEB XXX