Nothing too interesting today!

I spent most of my day getting GOLD CLASS TICKETS for Patrick's birthday. He decided that he wants to go to Gold Class with 3 friends and see TROPIC THUNDER which happens to be MA+15 so the first lady on the phone said I could take him and his friends as long as I stay with them the whole time (like where was I going to go anyway!!!!) and I felt a bit suspicious about this so I rang again later and got told a whole different story. No I have to be the children's legal guardian to take them to a MA+15. I said they were mine (big mistake) she said, "Oh, so they are triplets!!!" forgot about telling her they were all 12. Once Paddy decided that he will see THE DARK KNIGHT it was all booked out!!! so now we are seeing HELLBOY2 (WooHoo) If you buy a MAGNUM icecream at the moment you get a free goldclass upgrade when you purchase a normal ticket. not bad eh?

A LO of Christie & me on her 17th birthday

see ya :)

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