Aden & Lachlan went to MSAC yesterday as part of the basketball team. Aden was coaching and there were NO arguments (whew). The boys won every game quite convincingly and were pipped at the post in the grand final by 4 points :( I watched most of the games, but I had to get back and missed the Granny! obviously I was the good luck charm lol.
Nothing really to show, still super busy with the start of term. I need to finish my "clean up" and I will be able to plow ahead. I wish I cold "BUY" time!!!!!! I reckon all I would need would be a week with no Hubby, Kids, sport, cooking, pool and NO INTERNET!!! It was down on Monday and consequently.........absolutely HEAPS got done.....don't tell DH that for goodness sakes lol.
I made this little 18th book for Danielle's party, really simple as she isn't a girly girl.

thats all for now

take care :)



Today Patrick, as his school's Representative, attended the Anzac Day Service at our local Memorial Hall. It was a lovely service and the Last Post always brings a tear to my eye! It was fantastic to see so many people and so many young people wearing their grandparent's medals and wearing them so proudly! Patrick and Lucinda laid the wreath on the OTHER SIDE! to where I was!!! He mustn't be related to me.......any kid of mine would KNOW where I was and go to the side I WAS ON! so I could get some good photos! unbelievable! Don't worry I let him know about it!
Now don't laugh.............but here is my entry for the Wicked Princess 7 deadly Sins Challenge I find PURPLE a really hard colour to scrap with. The criteria was it had to have ONLY purple, lots of bling and glitter. Have the title "It's all about me!" HELL that wasn't hard coz it IS all about me lol!!! I just love those American Craft thickers "rainboots" I think they are called. There was another challenge to create a card with the purple as well and it had to be "celebrate you" as the title.

The Challenge for week 2 is ENVY and you guessed it ALL GREEN & BLACK.

that's all for now!

take care :)


Check this out!

Posted by PicasaHow bad does that look! Still not quite sure HOW it happened! It did involve a scooter though! Looks terrible, he also has a big gash on his chest. I think we will give the Rampfest scooters a miss for a while!
My girlfriend's daughter turned 18 yesterday. A card from the SassLass PP and the tags from my Secret Santa. I just love them.

This weeks challenge from CCG The amazing NAT is the featured member this month. Awesome Girl! Anyway this is the colour scheme ....
and this is what I came up with! I think it needs something....journaling. Got to practice my "joining writing" I can write well on a pad but when I have to write on bazzill it looks like a my nana's shaky handwriting.
Patrick is marching in the Anzac Day Parade tomorrow. As school captain, he will lay a wreath. So more on that tomorrow.
take care :)


Back to it!

Patrick had a haircut the other day and the hairdresser did such a nice job that he is now demanding the $30 gel she used because he cannot replicate with his own gel! Suck it up sister and keep practicing OR buy it yourself!!! I bought them a couple of new tops and they each decided they liked the other ones better so they decided to swap.
Went to a beautiful wedding on the weekend. The bride looked stunning and the grounds and reception area was immaculate and the food was delicious as was the company! I had a fantastic time and paid for it on Sunday :(
Some good news, I got a card accepted for Cardmaking Stamping & Papercraft so that is exciting cracking that one!
I will leave you with this email I received today...with my warped sense of humour....I thought was funny



I have one of those mirrors.....

that when you look into it at your reflection....you think, "Well I don't look THAT bad"........ well my mirror LIES! & I blame scrapbooking! every spare moment I scrap! I used to do things like...........MOVE! I went shopping today with my SIL and those Myer dressing room mirrors are unforgiving! no wonder I haven't bought any clothing for ages....too depressing. I resolve to lose some weight before the retreat. I am going to my friend's daughter's wedding and my son's deb and I wanted to get an outfit that would be acceptable for both. I bought a beautiful Anthea Crawford top and black pants. I have never worn pants to anything formal so this will be interesting! My SIL is frustrated with me because I only tried on a few things and she has been looking for ages! I am over clothes shopping, I really hate the thought of trying things on. No scrap shopping....well that is a different matter!
The kids have been chilling. Patrick bought himself a fluro hat which HE thinks he looks COOL in! There has been no basketball training only footy training and their first game is this Sunday...well I can kiss goodbye to Sundays for the next 14 weeks (barring finals!) Need to have a really good sleep in before school starts.
anyway might go and do this weeks CCG
take care :)


well rested! & Happy Easter!

Friday was my very special friend's birthday. Happy Birthday Lee! Mark, the boys and I went to Ocean Grove for the Easter Break and it was just wonderful! The weather was brilliant! Mark and I watched a couple of seasons of How I met your mother (Christie's friend left them here!) not a bad sit com. The boys went to the beach and surfed the whole time. We went out for dinner with friends for Easter Sunday lunch, which was fabulous and relaxing!
That is a whole lotta ocean!!!!! isn't it Our golden rule for the boys when they surf is, "Make sure there is a couple of people ahead of you coz if there is a shark.........they will get them first!" good to see Aden has listen to my pearls of wisdom!....

Patrick had a go this time and really enjoyed himself. He didn't find it too had to catch a wave and stay up. Didn't take too long for him to get bored though and just play in the sand and make sand angels!

The golden child didn't really want to exert himself this week end... he was quite content to chill on the beach and watch.... he was missing his laptop I think!

see ya :)


All these years

I have been using the Marriage Certificate I was issued by the priest when I got married. Only to find out today that it is just a "piece of paper" I have to apply to the Birth, Death & Marriages for the REAL THING! I have been protecting that thing like it was gold! It was with all my important documents to grab in case of a fire! Does that mean we are not really married lol can I get my money back.....nah only joking. Well JOKE is on you bureaucracy! It has got me every official thing I own in my married name! ha ! when I had a real look at it today, it doesn't even have a number on it!

A couple of gorgeous girls are having birthdays this month so I made these last night and a few extras! I WAS watching LOST! maybe that is why I am so "lost" to the plot of this show, I should have been watching and at least it would have made more sense!

take care & Happy Easter :)


up up and away.........

Today Aden started his actual flying lessons. Last Saturday, he did all this theory lessons. Well not all! as much as he could before he would be let loose on a aircraft! He was quite excited and when he saw the dark and cloudy sky this morning, he was beginning to get worried that they would cancel! No chance! His instructor was a lovely man who understood that this proud mummy wanted to record this momentous occasion in her little boy's life! and LET me take photo's! I was snapping away like I was the paperazzi! Aden really loved his time up there and cannot wait to get back!

That's my boy up there!!!!!

I could of gone shopping (DFO) was nearby. BUT I had half a doz scrap mags a cup of tea and 2 hours to myself! went in a flash! pity I didn't have any supplies with me, I could have whipped up a couple in a flash!

see ya :)


Two little cards for now. One for my parents wedding anniversary and another for a 40th we went to on Saturday night.
Aden, Lachlan, Ben (my nephew) and Fraser (their friend) all did the Run for the Kids on Sunday. My girlfriend and I drove them in to Melbourne for the race and while we were waiting we went out for brekkie! yummo. I made a start to go to the finish line so I could cheer Aden on and he flew passed me and I didn't have my camera ready and I missed getting a photo of him grrr! anyway I positioned myself near the finish line to cheer on the boys and they weren't too far behind Aden, probably 15 minutes. It was so lovely to see them all link arms together and cross the finish line together throwing their arms up in the air! magical! I am in awe of anyone that can RUN for 15 k's what a massive achievement! I am so proud of all of them. There is such a festival atmosphere and it can be quite emotional watching people who are in teams (in remembrance of a lost loved one) pass the finish line or people who are competing burst into tears at finishing! I love seeing the proud smiles of people who have beaten their times. I have only one gripe, however! If 30,000 people all paid $35 for the run you would think they would have a WORKING clock so people could see their times as they went through the gantry!
see ya :)