lovin' the dots!!!

I am a total fan of dots & stripes & stars and any pack that comes out .....I am hooked!  I just received a gorgeous pack from Scrapbook Boutique of all DOTS & STRIPES!!!
My fellow DT'er Sue has an unexplainable fascination with dots too!
I did just HAVE to have both the boy & girl pack and although I am not a bright paper scrapper per say...... I do really like the Candy Shoppe pack just as much as the darker Metropolitan pack.  I have used nearly EVERY single sheet of both packs!!!
Aden went to Japan with his school in 2007 and he happened to be away for his fifteenth birthday.  I have never had a child away for their birthday and I must say I didn't like it one little bit! :( I was lost! I like to make a fuss and take a zillion photos and make their favourite dinner and make/buy their special cake.  Well It was like a normal day for us although, we did have a family photo and held on to a photograph of him lol. 
When he came home, we made a fuss of him but he was so exhausted from his flight, he just did the cake and fell asleep for the next 16 hours!!! Got my photos and a nice cuddle to boot so I was happy!

Go here for tutorial:


Black & White PLUS one

What better colour scheme is there than BLACK & WHITE????
Frosted Designs challenge this week is Black & White PLUS ONE (any other colour you want!)  I chose RED because there really is something eyecatching about these three colours I love.
Go & see what the DT have produced and join in!!!

This is a pic of my #3 Lachlan.  The most placid, easygoing, happy child and a true blessing!!  He is nearly 16 now and I just love him to pieces! This kid has never given me an ounce of trouble (watch out my friends say.....) He was born when there was lots going on in our lives and he is always content to wait without a fuss!  He is the only sibling that gets on with everyone in our house
( NO MEAN FEAT let me tell you!)  He has an uncanny knack for numbers and he can recall scores from football matches played YEARS AGO!! He is also a natural athlete and quite successful in all sports he tries.  Does well in school and has lots of friends and known in our house as the Golden Child!

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he hasn't changed much!

Nearly 19 now and he still has an awful temper! Watch out if he feels he is being mistreated!!  Aden has always had a fascination for anything that "works" and has to touch it or at least hold it.  He just HAD to hold and look through the video camera this day and after Mark finally let him have a little "hold" it was time to hand it back.  The "little HOLD" obviously wasn't LONG enough for Aden and the photo is the torrent of verbal abuse we endured afterwards!
This LO is also from the Basic Grey Lauderdale pack I received from
Scrapbook Boutique and I still have so many papers left!
go to the site for the tutorial.

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I just NEVER take a good photo!!!

After I lost all my baby weight from having Aden, and there was HEAPS to lose! A  friend who was a armature photographer, just bought a new camera and asked if she could take some random shots.  Not posed, but just natural ones of the kids and I together. I just hate them (of me) loved them of the kids!so I still need to "get over myself" and stop being so critical and just let the pic be taken!!!  I recently went to a friends 50th and there was a slide show of the birthday girl and she must of had 1000 photo's with her in them!! I said to Mark, you'd be luck to find 10 of me!!!  If I ever went missing and they needed a recent picture for identification, they just wouldn't find one or if they did find one, they wouldn't find me because I look 10-15 years older! and they'd be looking for someone different! lol

Anyway..... another LO from the gorgeous Basic Grey Lauderdale 12 x12 pack I received from Scrapbook Boutique. Go to the site for the tutorial :)



Frosted Designs Stitching Challenge.

Those who know me, know I stitch on nearly everything! So when I saw our challenge this week at Frosted Designs was just a little bit happy! I have been itching to use this MME Animal Soup PP and I do have plans for it & a Kiaser OTP (so stay tuned for that!) I just adore this pic of my #3 Lachlan aka Golden Child. I would have really like to journal more, but I just couldn't really think of what to write or how to incorporate it in the page.  Might have rescrap this one LOL (at this rate I'll never get their albums done if I keep rescrapping! )
This week we are lucky enought to be sponsored by Lucky Girl Crafts and you can find them here so join in out challange and remember, it doesn't have to be machine or hand stitching you can whip out a pen and create some FAUX stitching.  A card LO or OTP, it is up to you!!
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One last thing........save the date.....

8th - 11th July

Well all of us in the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE will just have to pretend because where I am it is FREEZING at the moment!!  I can (and will, be dreaming)


5 Quick cards

Also at the retreat (and sorry I haven't updated about the retreat! ) A brilliant weekend, where I met up with some LOVELY GORGEOUS ladies, I have been chatting to for the past two years.  It was so nice to meet them in real life, although I felt like I knew them already!.  The accomodation was perfect and the room we were in was brilliant, food was delicious and lots of it!! I just loved every minute and I had a ball with my two patners in crime Nai & Danielle! we laughed and teased (especially Danielle and her organising abilities lol long story) and I have found out I SO WANT/NEED an ipad!!!!  I desperately want to go back next year but a family function is going to prevent me :( sucks to be me as it booked out within minutes!!!
Bigs to my new friends **MWAH** xoxo

Anyway, I was a little productive and I had a couple of cards, I needed to make so I used my pack from Scrapbook Boutique the Basic Grey Lauderdale and let me tell you this is bright!  I did have fun and created a few LO's which I will show you soon.
Be Patient my little chickies.....!
Here a some cards that I whipped up with the die cuts & stickers from the shop, easy and oh so quick.  Tuitorials are on the blog here


Okey Dokey Off to get warm :)