The pink elephant challenge #13

The Pink Elephant have a great challenge this week we want you to show us your layouts using extra photos with pockets, flippers, accordion minis, or any other fun creative way to add lots of extra photos to your layouts.
My daughter, when she was younger, always wrote notes and left them for me to find. Some were gorgeous sweet notes, some were her dobbing on her brothers (mainly Aden) and some were her pleading her case if she thought she had been unfairly treated! She often put forward a fair argument and I would have to rethink my actions!  I have kept them all and later, much later, when she is whinging about HER children I might bring them out and we can have a read!
I have sewn some scrap material into little envelopes to house the notes (some are personal). I had fun with this challenge! anytime I get my sewing machine is a good thing.


TPE #12

A new challenge is up at the Pink Elephant and a great sketch go with it! The theme this week is Vacation/Theme Park/Zoo.  I have a zillion photos of all three and I just couldn't settle on which to use until I saw this gorgeous photo of Patrick in Phuket last year! He was certainly in his element lazing by the pool and ordering lunch from the room service menu and charging it ( I think that was the most fun!) It was the best holiday and I look forward to scrapping it very soon.  I used most of the red embs from a colour swap at Wicked Princesses with Princess Krissy. Do you know how hard it is to do a swap with the owner of a SCRAP SHOP! they would have EVERYTHING! anyway I lurved what I got!!!


My gorgeous little Paddy

is in a bit of agony with his braces he had put on yesterday.  His mouth is a little tender and I have been the poster mother and making him banana smoothies (even though I hate cleaning that stupid blender!) and lots of love and attention and EVEN a day off!

He looks a bit pained in the second one!

He had his dance concert the other night, it was fantastic to watch! Some of the girls,  you could tell had formal training/lessons were great and completely confident on the stage and then there were the others....... Some it was quite obvious they had never been in the spotlight before and were as animated at concrete statues lol!  Patrick was so funny as you will see from the photos that he was completely out of time with everything he was doing and he told me he had no idea what he was doing (Noooo! I couldn't tell mate....) and was just watching the person in front!  (who must of been doing it wrong too!) fabulous just the same!

how funny! we have the music concert tonight....thank goodness he isn't playing the trumpet!



The Pink Elephant has a new challenge up this week and I really loved this one.  A black and white photo with any patterned paper you want!  I can think of a few friends (and you know who you are....) who would rock this challenge!!!  My friend Danielle was one of the top 3 for last weeks challenge!! She is using the challenge each week to complete her Egypt album, what a fantastic idea.  At least you get one LO completed a week and in your album.  Danielle has motivated me to start my Thailand album and I have been smart this time and actaully put some thought, care and planning in to this rather than buy everything TRAVEL related and use none of it! Carolyn & Jenny will be proud!!!!
anyway you will have to wait for that as we are still in the infant stages........
anyway my LO for this week I used the gorgeous (I didn't want to cut it) Pink Paisley Queen Bee and Fancy Pants Road Show.  I love this photo of Christie and Tom and couldn't wait to scrap it.



loving my life!

I am very happy! Lots of things are making me happy...... Some I can share and some I cannot.
Firstly my beautiful boy Lachlan had his braces taken off today and we are very happy with the results!

we had a great day together, went out for lunch and did a bit of shopping........nothing for me mind you! But he scored a new pair of jeans and new Vans (runners).
Patrick will get his ON next week and after seeing the fabulous results from Lachlan, he is really looking forward to getting them on ( my bank balance isn't!).
I had 2 LO is this months Scrapbooking Memories!! YAY  nearly at my goal just have to get one on Aden in and I have got all the kids in the mag!  Next...A cover ! ( a girl can dream can't she!)

Extremely happy with my fitness and weight loss too I ran another 3 ks on the weekend and shaved 45 seconds off my time. That doesn't really sound much, but when you are running......it is HEAPS!  I could walk and recovered really well too!

Not going to a basketball tournament I have a whole weekend to just scrap! I cannot wait and I hope the mojo stays for a little while longer!
The pink elephant have a new challenge up tomorrow check it out.



I have been on a lose weight, tone & get fit campaign

so all my time is at the gym and I have just been doing some challenges atm and not really getting stuck in to my scrapping! plus I am such a messy scrapper that I need a complete clean up after a session! The mojo has definitely returned and I am really happy with what I have been doing!  any way The Pink Elephant has its new challenge up and this week It is a sketch from Lori with a little twist of stamping. I have stamped and embossed the title and hand cut to make it pop. Lachlan (the golden child) always with a goofy smile.  He gets his braces off on Tuesday so hopefully I will capture a beautiful grin!