Just a quicky today

decided to CLEAN UP my scrap area and failed miserably! I did however find these cuttlebugged bazzill that I raced to the marvelously talented Sue
house to do as it was soooooo important! I needed to do a goodbye and good luck card for a young athlete travelling to Italy to compete. (thanks Sue!)
and another I made up with the scraps..
off to footy today. Patrick made the rep side for footy and it extremely proud of himself. Yay Paddy!
Don't forget to check out the Scrap around the Clock challenge blog tomorrow!


Tell me if I am being unreasonable......

I made an appointment with a curtain mob to have new ones made. I rang and they said they would be at my house around 10 am....no problem. I went outside and my 11 year old Patrick was sick and home from school. The man knocked on my door and Paddy answered and I think he thought I was in the house and asked the man to come in......now here is where I get angry! My husband or I would NEVER enter a house until an ADULT asked us in. When I finally came inside this man was walking around my family room! At first, I was initially frightened as I knew Patrick was inside and I didn't know who he was....walking around my house and I couldn't concentrate once I realised who he was and I just wanted him out! needless to say I haven't ordered through his company! Am I being weird?

This weeks Wicked Princess Challenge is gluttony!
At first I read the criteria as sewing, distressing, inking, stamping etc. pick 2 of the following and have six emblies and, doodling and have the colour orange somewhere and I made this......
filled all the criteria. The journaling reads..."since Lee started working full time, we never get to catch up anymore. Our families get together every Sunday for dinner and we share a bottle and talk about our week. Sometimes, if it has been a busy one.......we crack open another one..or two"
I quickly re checked before I uploaded and the FIRST line was It had to have a picture of me or my kids stuffing their faces! UGG!!! I quickly got the kids to take some photos and SPEED SCRAPPED this. Not too bad, I really love the CRATE PAPER at the moment.
This is the bonus card. Orange and the greeting had to have EAT CAKE and have 2 hand made emblies. Just realised....Not a fan of Orange either! So that is purple and orange now! And they DO look nice together.
Speaking of SPEED SCRAPPING.....Amanda over at SCRAP AROUND THE CLOCK has set a speed challenge. Check it out.
well that's all from me....for now!


Scrap around the clock! has changed its domain name or something so this is the correct link to the forum!

Short little one today...... I have always wanted to say this..........a sneak peek! ha ha ha lol!!

not much to show as I have been running around with other things (non scrap related) and I really NEED to clean and reorganise my scrap area.... looks like a tip!!

Not long till the Arty Farty Angel Party the place we are going looks brilliant!!! The DT has come up with some beautiful classes for us. I can't wait!! I have to get all my photos and pp ready.....I can feel a MOJO BLOCK coming on :( breathe Ange breathe..... hee hee!


Scrap around the clock challenge Blog is the NEW name for Roll the dice challenge blog I told you about the other day! Their name was a little too close to another blog and confusing people. Go and join in. I shall keep you informed of what is going on through this blog. There are some interesting things going on and it will be fun! The BEST thing is that it WILL get you scrapping and you may even WIN a prize!!!!
POP in and say HI if you do.
2 posts in 1 day......aren't you lucky!!! lol

I went to a stampin'Up card class today

I had to grunge a few up they were way too clean for my liking! Sorry for the crappy photos....but it is pretty dark here atm, I think it may rain (huh).
That's all for the moment!


There is some craft in this post! lol

Lachlan played school footy on Tuesday. They played 5 games in all, one of them was the GF and they lost that to a team they had beaten previously, earlier that day! I kept going home and then coming back......but I got NOTHING done at home! He is number 3.

The next day I went into Olympic Park ( I took the trusty GPS...GOD I LOVE that thing!) and watched Aden and my niece Ellie and nephew Ben compete in the SACCSS athletics carnival. I was so impressed with Aden, he is very good at long distance and he ran in a 400, 800 and 1500 and came 4th and 5th, 5th respectively. Not really his events, the short ones but gosh he did well. Ellie won everything and was awarded Senior Champion and Benny came 2nd in his race.Sorry to bore you with continual sporting news of the kiddies.... but Nana DOES like an update.

ANYWAY.... GREED was Wicked Princesses theme of the week. The criteria was to have the colour scheme black yellow and white. Have journaling in list form and have a stamping technique. He is my entry.....

and the card had to have best wishes theme. I found this stampin' up stamp today while I was sorting a few stamps out and I was laughing....because I would've normally found the stamp NEXT week.....!!!!Going to Scraphaven tomorrow to attend a class by Yvonne Campbell. Yvonne won a HEAP of awards at the Stampin' Up convention last month. So looking forward to seeing what she has planned.

anyway see ya :)


Some good scrappy news!....

Yesterday I was offered a DT position on roll the dice challenge blog.
Should be a lot of fun with weekly, fortnightly and monthly challenges. Really looking forward to getting started. Go have a look and join in! Hope to see you see you there!


50 games Patrick - CONGRATULATIONS!

Patrick celebrated his 50 games of football yesterday with a win and 3 goals! Mark & I made the banner through the week for him and another little fella also celebrating his fiftieth. It started to drizzle and the fine spray was getting to the banner that was left in readiness to the start of the game. Can you imagine what WET CREPE PAPER looks like (nasty!) anyway the fathers unfurled the banner to the letters sticking together YIKES!!! after a quick fix..... they were ready. A fantastic win for the boys and I think they are on top of the ladder! ( So I heard for one of the boys....I never pay attention to scores or stats!) Paddy kicked three goals and played really well. That is all you want for your milestone game!
sorry this post was really for nana!
see ya :)


Always busy around here!

Been quite busy this week and I just scraped in with my Wicked Princess LO this week! I just love this picture of Patrick sleeping. I could just sit and watch him for hours......(that is because I was so bloody sleep deprived I COULDN'T get up lol) This weeks theme was SLOTH. A light blue mono LO with stitching and two hand-made and non scrapping embellishments. I used a facewasher for the flower and stamped and put together the clock.

Another bit of exciting news.....I got this in the mail the other day! A NZ magazine published my LO of Christie dancing. So exciting!

Yesterday, I watched Aden compete in the CAS (Catholic All Schools) cross country at Bundoora. The poor kid has caught my cold and his nose was running like a tap and he looked miserable. I had to resist the urge to give him a tissue as he ran past me! Imagine the telling off I would get! I was so proud of him, he ran 6 ks in 22.55 and came 5th. Not sure if he goes on or not

GOT SOME really exciting news this morning........stay tuned!

see ya ;)


New parents should be given a manual when they produce their first child! It is hard work! Mark and I decided to take a "united we stand, divided we fall" approach to our parenting (Us against the bloodsucking leeches) as so far it seems to be working!
see ya :)


Happy Mother's Day to me!!....

I had a beautiful mothers day! I did 4 loads of washing, raced to the supermarket to BUY the bacon, eggs & hash browns,made my own brekkie with the help of Lachlan, , watched two games of football (which we won!) and did the weekly shopping, made a flower arrangement for MIL and went out for dinner! whew! It was great though. I am very blessed to have such fantastic children! Sure they annoy the hell out of me sometimes and I lovingly call them the "Bloodsucking Leeches" but I love them to death and EQUALLY (contrary to popular belief!) My favourite IS THE CHILD that is not causing me any grief and annoying me! It varies from day to day! hour to hour on some days.
For my presents, which I don't really want them to buy presents. I really just love the NO COOKING for the day. anyway Christie went to Scraphaven
and bought a PIZZA BOX full of goodies. Heaps of PP and chipboard and ribbon, alphas, felt. It was just beautiful! AND I got a beautiful new dressing gown, the really super soft ones. I think they were sick of seeing me in the old one I have had for years..... AND a new spare battery for the baby! so all in all I did extremely well! The kids organised everything by themselves with no help from Mark....not that he did anything for his own mother either. I got the card & the flowers and arranged them!
It is really hard to get a photo of someone NOT pulling a face and all looking at the camera at the same time! ANY way happy with all these. I won't put them all up but this is the theme of them!
see ya :)


Some cards...

I won some beautiful papers at 3AS a while ago for a challenge and I decided to make some cards with them.

This was for a blind challenge at Wicked Princess.This weeks CCG

This was taken just after Lachlan was born in 1995! Christie desperately wanted a sister as Aden was "such a naughty boy mummy!" she cried for a couple of days but got over it pretty quickly! They get on really well those two.


Patrick ran in his Cross Country today. He wasn't feeling well this morning ( I think I have given him my cold !) anyway I told him to suck it up (great mother eh?!) and I went to watch him run. He came in 7th and crossed the finish line and collapsed! one of the teachers said it looked like he fainted! Anyway I took him home and he is all snugly on the couch watching a movie. It is raining here at the moment so I couldn't think of anything better myself!

Just two little cards today......one for the card challenge at Wicked Princesses and the other just a birthday card for the stash! I am liking the card challenges as it is building up my cards. I have them there rather than panic making!

See ya :)