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as I am so busy! Nothing is getting done. Everything I do seems to take for ever! & I keep getting interrupted! 3 Jets games last night. Patrick lost his and Lachlan & Aden both won theirs. Aden played, he strapped his foot and only played for a couple of minutes each half. I think he pulled up ok. Had a couple of hours yesterday so I did these. Melissa Frances paper and The bottom one is pink paislee.

Another page from the politically incorrect flip book :)


For my daughter......

Be proud on this day
for things you've accomplished,
the way you have grown,
and the goals you have met.
Look now to the future
and face it with courage,
and don't waste a minute
of life on regret.
For the future you'll have
will be just what you make it-
be true to yourself
as you follow your star,
For you have the power
if you choose to use it
to reach any dream,
so remember - reach far!

Good luck Christie xxx


So Proud......

Aden got Dux of his Furnishing class. He is only in Year 10 and this award includes all the Year 11 kids as well. I am so proud and so happy for him. He really deserves the accolade! He has worked so hard and has a real pride in his work. At the moment he is making a cabinet for our tv in the van, from the pictures, it looks fantastic. He finished school yesterday and he is going back today and tomorrow to finish it off!
He has a greenstick fracture in his big toe. He is devastated that he can't play basketball and continually telling me it is fine and he is in no pain. The Doc said take it easy, so I will let him make up his own mind. We are like the walking wounded at the moment! I can't walk as I have tendinitis in my foot. Don't know how it happened, but I do know it is painful!
In to the most busy period with the swimming! We have all the testing, certificates and bookings for next year! I didn't realise that we only have two weeks left and I haven't organised anything.

Another 2 pages from my POLITICALLY INCORRECT flip book

This is a challenge kit from 3AS Poppyberry Kit. We are coming to the end of the silent auction challenges and all the bidding will start at the end of the month. I will have to read the rules again, as I am unsure of what is going on. I will have to get a few extra challenges I missed out on to top up my stash (of money)
Christie is busy getting ready for Queensland! Buying a whole new wardrobe for her week up there. I just hope they don't get their faces plastered on the news or in the papers! Christie really only wants to go to some theme parks and shopping (at a girl!)
that's it for the moment!
see ya :)


Check out the shoes!.......

These are simply gorgeous shoes! BLING PLUS! she couldn't decide which pair to buy, the gold pair or the black pair! so she bought both! Well she paid for one and I paid for one! ONE pair is going back tomorrow and I am having the money credited back into my account! After all the drama with bits'n'pieces...and a lot of tears...The black pair probably suited her dress more but she just LOVED the gold pair to bits and I said "Just wear the gold!" they look fabulous and they did!
The B****y hairdresser cut her fringe too short! what was I thinking.......you never get a haircut within a week of an important day!! :( what is it with hairdressers anyway? why are they so scissor happy!!!!!???????? One of her gorgeous friends came and saved the day with her calmness, encouragement! and hairdressing skills! She looked adorable and the shoes looked fabulous. I so need to go on a diet! I hate seeing photos of myself!
Mark's mum & dad came to the ceremony at the church. An hour and a half it went for! too long! I don't know why they have to incorporate a mass in to a graduation! We left home at 4.30 and got home at 2 am! too long for Mark's parents, but they wouldn't go home until the end so Christie would enjoy the night.
Anyway she had a great time and I think will remember the day for a long time to come!

This is another page from my Politically Incorrect flip book! just love it

take care!


just love this.....

Lee gave me this little desk flip over book and I just love it. It has VERY politically incorrect and hugely funny little sayings and I will put some up over the next couple of posts.
These are a few little project from 3AS their Silent Auction. I need lots of little token things and these projects filled with a few treats will do the trick. If you need any instructions just email me and I will forward you to the links.

This Peek a boo house is adorable and looks fabulous! Took no time at all. Made from 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.Round card Christie is giving Dianne and passing off as her own (lol) nah only joking Di will see right through that!
Off to get some money from Medibank Private for Lachlan's braces. Won't be that much I'm sure! some times I wonder why we have Insurance! and Graduation shoes for Christie. "What about hair & make up mum?" Yeah what about it!!!! It's NOT a deb ya know! do your own !!!
Thank God I only have one of them..............................................



got in touch with me regarding a LO that was accepted (ages ago) I thought they were not going to publish it after I sent it in to be photographed. I sent the material list along with everything, but they apparently misplaced it :( I don't care they want another list so I am so excited. Two down and another two to go! I have set myself a goal to get a LO of each child published AND to get something in SC! they are a hard nut to crack BUT I'll keep trying!This is a little "cake slice box" takes no time at all and perfect to fill with goodies for a token present!
Aden is doing exams at the moment and he rang me after his english one on Monday. "I think I did pretty good mum!" I was so pleased, until................"Yeah, I reckon I'll get about 50%" OMG I hate to see him NOT do well! from what he told me he wrote, I think he underestimated his expected mark (I'm hoping anyway!) He is such a sweetheart, he left these flowers for me the other day, picked from our garden. I don't know why they look so good, as I nor Mark, have any time to get in the garden. Well even if I had time I still wouldn't......not a fan!
I am going out for lunch with a mate today so I'd better scoot and get all the jobs done, so it looks like I haven't been on the computer all day LOL!
see ya :)


My mate is getting MARRIED !!!!

Well they are finally going to tie the knot!! This is a good incentive to lose some weight! to fit in my bridesmaid dress!! notice how I made it about me? It will be around April/ May next year so that gives me plenty of time :) Christie wants a new dress and Tammy wants a a hen's party! Ah, people.......it's not all about you.......................

Still running around like a headless chook, trying to get everything done and achieving nothing! I have about 25 half finished jobs going.

Christie has finished school for GOOD! (hopefully that doesn't include UNI!) she says she is throwing all her books out (not text books). She feels a bit strange not doing anything though. I have a couple of jobs she could do......

How hard is it to photograph a transparency? I did this LO of Christie on a transp and it looks so different IRL. I had bought her all the gear for dancing lessons and she cracked them while she was there are refused to go back! After I spent $75 on all the stuff! Funny now but back then I was seething! Most dancing mums tell me how lucky I was to have escaped......


Even @ my age

Thunderstorms still scare the %^&* out of me! Yesterday morning we had a massive thunderstorm and it was so loud, I jumped right out of bed! 6.03 am to be precise and those who know me..............know I am NOT a morning person :( BUT I got up and got sooooo much done! Hey there is something to be said for getting up early! & I slept really well too. Might give it a go..................

Busy day today, I have to do all the running around today and Mark has been invited to some swish racing thing. He looked great in his suit when he was picked up.
This is from a blind challenge from 3AS. I did a few LO yesterday and I just have
journal and I will upload them!

see ya :)


My maternal Grandmother

Catherine Gibson was NOT your normal run of the mill conventional grandmother (nor Mother eh mum?) BUT I loved her! we had a great close relationship and she was Nana Gippa! She lived 5 minutes away and I probably saw her 4 or 5 times a week. I would pop in for coffee, run an errand or take her to church. When she passed away on 21st February, 1999, the day after her 81st birthday from a massive stroke, I was heartbroken. I am glad she got to meet all my children and we have heaps of photos of her with them. I miss her and our chats.


I think I am getting old.........

I played netball on Monday night, Basketball last night and Netball this morning (a final, which we lost! ) and I can hardly walk! I think I need to get back on the glucosamine and fish oil again! I have a billion loads of folding and ironing to do and it is too hot and I can't be bothered!!! so what to do.........................get on the computer and update the BLOG :) I know I will pay for it later when everybody asks where their stuff is......
Lachlan has a high 5 day today (good behaviour day off) He and a friend have gone down the street, had lunch, searched the shops for what they want for Christmas and now they are in the pool, with a makeshift basketball ring!

This is another for the 3AS BOTS. You only had green embs and brown, black or white CS and NO people photos only nature. This is another LO that had to be in the Melbourne Cup Day jockey's colours. I choose Nom Du Jeu.

Scraps made a few cards.... Stars for the Chrissy tree.

And a little accordion book. I have heaps to do and hopefully some spare time tonight! better get off the computer and get the ironing done!

see ya :)


I don't know what has come over Paddy...

But he wants to go bald! I think he is getting a hard time with the "RED HAIR THING" the word ranger (sp?) is bandied around a lot and he takes it with a laugh and a joke BUT last night he asked his PA if he could cut it all off! I compromised and said a Number 4 would be OK. He was so happy as you can see. He asked if all the red had gone and when it grows back will it still be red!! poor thing.
These are a a few of the entries for the Battle of the scrappers. They are not in any order I don't think. The first three were for a kit with two LO and an OTP to the value of $40.

This was only use 7 emb.
I don't think I really understood the criteria of this one. But I was happy with it anyway.
This is one I did at the retreat. I have just realised I need to put a second "run" in the title!

My friend Nai, has just told me she wants to go on the 3AS retreat with me WOO HOO. I am so excited. That's great Nai we will have a ball!!!!
off to do housework......again
it is a neverending job!


What a great weekend

I had! I went to a Emirates fundraiser and had a really good time. I had a bet on every race and come second or third in every one except ONE!!! You are probably thinking I am LOADED!! well no........... I am not a gambler and would rather spend my last dollar on scrap supplies! so BIG SPENDER I am.......only put $2.50 each way. BUT I had fun and enjoyed all the excitement of betting and seeing WINNERS! and fitting into a dress THAT I haven't been able to for ages!!! Must work on those flabby arms though!

Congratulations to Melleny for winning the Battle of the Scrappers. All her entries were fantastic and she thoroughly deserved to win. I haven't got time now but I will upload my entries tomorrow.

Off to clean now........

see ya :)


I know I know.........

Sorry for not showing the rest of the baby album!!!! Two reasons really, 1. I hadn't finished the birth details for the inside cover and 2. I can only show a few pages of this adorable bubby as I don't think Mummy & Daddy want their faces plastered over the Internet! However proud they may be!

Really happy with the way it has turned out! I have put a Hambly transparency between each page. I varnished the book with JoSonja's gloss varnish. Looks a treat. Must credit Donna Loughnan with this little book. Great little prezzie and so much fun to do...quick & easy.
I did this Looking for puddles at the retreat and just decided to get it finished! Probably looks a bit busy but I am happy with how it turned out. Really loving' the BG range ATM. Christie got a pair of gumboots for her 3rd birthday and she loved them s much she wanted to wear them with everything! always asking if it was going to rain so she could run through puddles. Still have the gumboots BTW!

This Christmas LO is a Donna Loughnan class that was done on the retreat. Not sure my eye was level when I attached this one! too many reds me thinks!

Christie is having her Maths exam as I type....she was a bit nervous this morning but I am sure she will do well ! fingers crossed. XXX

enough for now

see ya :)


Had a great time

Down the beach. We only stayed for two days, but gee is was fun. We had our annual progressive dinner party. I was on entree this year and I decided to make potato and leek soup. I had made it the day before and re heated while we were there. I did like it, but it IS my favourite soup! Judging by the requests for seconds I think they did too! the bowls WERE shallow though!
After, we all wandered down to Les & Rob's van for the main course. Delicious lamb shanks and mashed potato! Yummy! then on to Michelle & Wayne's van for dessert. Pavlova Roulade.
Delicious eh?! After copious amounts of alcohol........ we all headed home around 12 ish. Very full and satisfied. Bring on next year.
We drove to Torquay on the Saturday as Aden wanted to buy a new surfboard. Of course the one he had his heart set on will NOT be in until mid/late January (story of our lives) any way he settled on this.
and Lachlan bought these sunnies. He accidentally stepped on his old ones while he was packing and he was shattered, as they were his favs.

These are of the boys surfing. I am really loving the zoom lense! They were so far out and I can see their faces. Just lovin' it. If only I could work it properly!

3AS are having a SILENT AUCTION and challenges are posted every day. Quite good to get you back into the mood of scrapping.

any way going to watch a movie now!

see ya :)