My 3rd BABY becomes a TEENAGER!

Lachlan has become a teenager! My gorgeous 2nd son had his 13th birthday today. He had his two friends Chris & Jayden stay over and I think they finally got to bed around three this morning. He decided the GOLD CLASS was the way to go and along with Galactic Arcade games and Laser wars, this was the perfect way to spend your birthday. I had tried to talk him into having a party, but he was adamant not to. I finally got out of him that he was worried that people would 'wreck the house' smear cake and throw lollies and he couldn't bear that. We went to this Galactic Circus and I gave them all $30 each and they had a ball! they won so many tickets they couldn't carry them all! when it come to cashing them in, for my $90 bucks they got 3 mini basketball rings and 3 bouncy balls. OMG I could have got that at the $2 shop for TWO DOLLARS. Oh well they had fun.

Like Paddy and his friends, Lach, Chris & Jayden LOVED ordering all the goodies at having them come at different times, popcorn, coke and maltesers! (Lach felt sick at the end) we saw the DARK KNIGHT and it was fantastic. HEATH LEDGER is brilliant as the joker, I don't doubt he will win an OSCAR for his role.
There was a 2 hour wait for the LASER TAG so we will do that in the holidays. After the grandparents and Auntie & cousins came around we had CHINESE for dinner (his choice) and did the cake. Poor kid is so tired he took himself off to bed at 9.30! Happy Birthday Lach!

Patrick played Volleyball yesterday for the interschool sports. I didn't think he could play, but he was quite good at it! His school won 2 out of three games and they had a ball. Unfortunately, they won't go any further as they had to win all their games.
Christie and I played in our basketball grand finals (this is the last Basketball talk for a while!!!!!) Christie played really well and WON! not bad for a team who finished 4th! I played in our grand final and we almost had to forfeit as everyone was either sick or had something broken! We didn't rate ourselves at all. Anyway, WE WON! by 3 points and I was given MVP for the game woo hoo!!

I finished my 3as LO. I have to get it done before I go away. It came together really fast! I think It took 90 minutes. I don't think I have ever had anything come together so quickly.
Anyway off to make sure Aden is packed for his Kakadu trip!
see ya :)

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