TWO losses & a Vote Count!

Aden went off to his VOTE COUNT night with the Rupertswood FC and he looked gorgeous in his suit. He actually loves wearing a suit and doesn't feel uncomfortable in it at all. Then off to MSAC to watch Paddy Boy in his elimination FINAL against Sandringham. The Jets let Sandringham get the jump on them early and before we knew it, we were 15 points down. The boys never got to catch up and after being down the whole game, sometimes as much as 20 points. They had a quick burst in the last three minutes and eventually lost by 12. Off to Broadmeadows to watch Christie's game. They have never beaten Craigieburn this season. The girls all played really well and competitively and there was nothing in it the whole came. With 2 minutes to go we had three girls on 4 fouls one with a blood nose and we were 8 points up! Needless to say, in true Sunbury style we snatched DEFEAT from jaws of VICTORY! and ended up losing by 4 points!!! We will play next week for a spot in the Granny! Good luck. Domestic Finals for Patrick and his Rebels and Lachlan with Superoos. Footy presentations tomorrow for Lachlan & Patrick and then I get my SUNDAYS back!!!!


SO Exciting!!!!

3AS are having a BATTLE OF THE SCRAPPERS and I have made it through to the next round. WOO HOO. The next challenge has been posted and everything has to be green (?) with a little bit of patterned paper and photos with NO PEOPLE (what the.....).
Lots happening tonight with Christie in a Jets final against Craigieburn for a spot in the Grand Final and Patrick in a final against Sandringham in an elimination final and Aden is off to his black tie VOTE count for his Rupo U16 footy club. Good luck Guys! Go JETS.


Hello if you are checking this out from O/S!!!

Hi guys! Hopefully I shall update this often and we can keep in touch and you can (if you want to) read all about my boring life! Sorry I have been slack with the communications thing but this is quite addictive and I shall (hopefully) be a more attentive friend/cousin!

He is bigger than me now!

I cannot believe how much Aden has grown in the last couple of months. He towers over me now and eats like a horse! He is the same height as Mark at the moment and it won't be long before he has overtaken him. Great kid, great nature. He is at the snow today, I hope he doesn't break anything!


Gonna See some changes!

Sharon Dale is going to give me some help in setting things up (Thanks Sharon!) Dad's birthday today (65) happy birthday dad.
stay tuned!



My son Aden played in his 4th footy Grand Final today and they beat their ARCH RIVALS Lions. It was a close game at the start of the 4th quarter with only four points in it. Rupo kicked three goals in a few minutes and then they ran away with it in the end by 29 points! Well Done Aden very very PROUD of you. You are a star in OUR EYES!!!.

On another note the MENS JETS won their Grand final in a best of three against GEELONG at Geelong. We couldn't go as we were watching Aden but it was an exciting nailbiter and they did SUNBURY proud.

On another note I have finally finished my circle journal pages for Jenni's album (Home) and I shall get them to her asap. It will be nice to have a get together and see all the journals finished. I forgot to take photos of some of my pages so it will be nice to revisit them.



It's all double dutch to me

ONe of the reasons that I started this blog is that I struggle with journalling and the written word doesn't flow easily for me! It will be easy for me to maybe get going with a little bit here and a little bit there. If I could only get my head around the computer speak. I need an expert like Sharon Dale http://digitalcreations.typepad.com/creations_from_the_heart. Her blog is great and has heaps of things that I would like to include on mine! but I don't know how to go about it! :(


Go Jets

Just went to the men's Jets game and they WON!! woo hoo. Having a bit of a surf and I found a great website if you have lost your MOJO! www.mojoholder.typepad.com go and have a look not to bad.


I Just love Fridays!

Fridays are just fantastic! The house is clean, washing is done and I can scrap the WHOLE day and then just a light dinner and off to JETS and watch which ever child playing basketball. just love it.
Went to Scraphaven todayand Di has asked for me to do another class! WooHoo! really enjoyed the last one. I have done 3 LO with the Fancy Pants Papa range and after the girl pages I did last time.... it is a nice change. I will post them later. Still trying to load the slideshow over the other side, I think I know how to but I haven't got time now. Off to Jets!


I am getting the hang of this!

Just loaded a slide show but I need to get it over to the other side of this page!
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Time to test the waters

I have decided to have a go at the 3 Angels Scrapping "Battle of the Scrappers" should be a bit of fun and it would be nice to see how it goes. I have heaps of ideas ATM but "life" is getting in the way. Washing, ironing, cleaning cooking and running the kids to all their training and stuff is getting in the way of my CREATIVITY! It is funny though, if I didn't have the family, I wouldn't know what to scrap about. I have put a sent a few of my recent LO to SM but they have come back unwanted. BOO HOO:( I have also sent a couple to SC and I would really like them to say Yay or Nay THEY don't even acknowledge if they got them.
Anyway I have scrubbed the house within an inch of its life and I have an hour to spare, so I am going to CREATE!



Yes I know a bit slck at this blogging thing. I haven't been doing too much I have taught a class at Scraphaven and totally loved it.