I liked Colour Curtain Call #40 so much

with Stacey Schafer I did another two cards! I wanted to have a play with the Simply Betty Stamps I have and the colours suited this dude perfectly!
I loved playing with the copic markers but as I surf blogs.....I realise that I so need to learn how to blend and use the colours properly!

I also desperately wanted to use my Stampin Up stamps that have been sitting there for ages :(  I love this flower stamp and the embossed cardstock.  This is such a pretty card and I am afraid my photo doesn't really do it justice!



I have decided to do the scrapbook & card challenge at the pink elephant firstly the scrapbooking challenge is a sketch with AQUA BLACK & WHITE! well  along with a few of my cyber friends Aqua and Turquoise are the same thing as far as I am concerned!!!

Can you see what I mean...? aqua/turquoise is it all under the BLUE banner!!! lol

I have joined in at Stacey Schafer Curtain Call  this week and followed the Pink Elephant sketch.  Sue has got me a little interested in COPIC MARKERS...... but before I buy 270 odd textas.... I thought I would give my tombows a whirl...considering I have a couple of dozen of them! lol.  Really different to my usual style, but I did enjoy making it! I DID get some green in there..(EYES) and turquoise (dress frill & socks) lol.

TFL xx
My last week and Design Dollies and the challenge this week is Blue & Yellow with a blck and white option! Well like a cyber friend of mine (no names......) I DIDN"T read the instructions properly and in my head was Blue and GREEN!!! such a duffer!  reminds me of my measure twice cut once motto........

This is a pic of Mark and I at Mosman Gorge in Queensland.  We very rarely get a photo together and I really like this one of us together.


At the Pink Elephant this week

the challenge is to use any souveniers, ticket stubs or paraphernalia on your LO.  I have done two for this weeks challenge (actually i have cheated at little bit..but with time not on my side with some personal issues....)

Christie had her licence for on 45 days and she received her first speeding fine!  Probably a good thing as it made her more aware of speeding and how dangerous it can be!  I photocopied the actual ticket and used it as my background.

After having hundreds of ribbons! I have been writing who, what, where and what event and year on the back. but I decided I would use them on the actual LO.  Happy with the result......now I have to do layouts for the other thousand I have in a box somewhere.....
go here to see what the other DT have created.


some fun happening at

Design Dollies are having a BLOG HOP and heaps of prizes are on offer. head on over to their blog and follow the lead!
Mean while this week's prompt is PRE 1985 movie title! well I had idea after idea swooshing around in my head and photos I knew I could use but nothing really came together!  I reckon I dream scrapbooking! lol
anyway Patrick had his music concert a few weeks ago and played the cello (not to badly either I thought!) I managed to snare a seat (thanks Danielle) in the front row right where Paddy was playing (much to his disgust!) and snapped a few great close ups....

A thank you for all your lovely messages regarding Bonnie! xxxx


We are all heartbroken

our Bonnie passed away on Tuesday and after having her longer than two of my children, she was 16! life here will never be the same! Bonnie was never a bother and the high light of her life was being fed on time and following the sun everyday!
Christie got her for her 4th birthday and has loved her from that moment!
she even slept with her that night!
we have decided to bury her here as this was her home and have chosen a nice spot close to her
favourite chair. 


Do you play with Dollies?

I do! I am so excited to be a guest designer for Design Dollies this month! A gorgeous easy to work with sketch and I knew just the pics and PP to use! 

Lachlan loved this truck! It is actually a Little Tikes truck but I didn't have enough alpha for that title! lol and Aden would put Lach in this thing and push him down our drive way, which wasn't too steep but made of loose stones and steep enough that you could get some speed happening and some damage if you fell off! Boys being boys and living dangerously, they were squealing with laughter until big mean old mum discovered what they were doing!  I didn't put a stop to it entirely, but I did make them put clothes on and only on the grass section!
PS we still have the truck and it is a little sun faded but works perfectly.


I think I have missed a couple of days....

I cannot believe that we are half way through July! what the hell happened to June! Life is speeding by and I think I have missed a couple of days!  I keep a diary in my office and I write EVERYTHING down in it I also keep a note pad in my handbag and jot everything in that too! must be old age....
anyway I have put a little portable TV in my scraproom!  I have a dvd player too so I am as happy as can be! All I need is a computer/laptop and I will be set! DH said I would never come out!!!

Anyway The Pink Elephant has its new challenge up
Use the sketch ( I have rotated 90o left) and with a colour theme of Pink, Hot Pink, Green & Black.
Christie really hates this photo, but I love it! She had just recently had her braces off and was loving the look and feel of her new smile and eating with no restrictions.


Woo Hoo!

for the next three months I am a guest designer for Sketch Sorority Sisters Friends Having Fun.
This is their July sketch and if you look closely.... I have followed it LOL

Christie used to have this "look" and we called it the Mick Jagger! and she used to do it on demand and it used to be our party trick and have everyone in stitches! Goodness, looking at this photo seems like just yesterday! I cannot believe she is 20!!! thankful I scrapbook!


well I am back rested but certainly NOT tanned!

Our little break to Cairns and Sufers Paradise was just fabulous! I had the best time with our friends and we certainly "helped the elephants" (corks!) the weather in Cairns was lovely! especially since Melbourne was bitterly cold and almost snowing (my kids kept telling me lol)
We went to Mosman Gorge which was just beautiful.
Then on to Port Douglas for lunch! fabulous day with fabulous friends!
We left on Sunday to meet up with the little boys (they are nearly 15 and 13! but will always be the littlies! LOL) in Surfers Paradise and after 4 beautiful days in Cairns....I was FREEZING!!! Lachlan and Patrick thought it was balmy! nearly snowing in Melbourne mum!
We rented a car and headed off to our apartment but it wasn't ready so we had some lunch and Lachlan had some "I haven't got a ball in my hand withdrawal!" so we bought him a soccer ball and headed to the beach.  This was probably the only really nice day and the kids attempted to go in...well Patrick did!
We went to Dreamworld and had a ball! Lachlan and I did all the fast and scary rides and we even went on the Giant Drop! the ultimate in SCARY.  Patrick TRIED to overcome his fear and Mark didn't even bother to overcome his!   He just followed us around all day and held the sunnies and the camera! 
The next day we decided to dump the husband and go to Movieworld! (he met a friend for lunch) We went on the Superman ride first and it was brilliant and talked Patrick into going on it which he did at 5.00 when the park was closing and LOVED it! we quickly ran around and went on it again before the line closed.  Very proud of him!
How freakin' scary is Batman! The kids wouldn't let me take any other photos with the characters as they are too cool for that now! 
HATE HATE HATE waiting in line for every bloody ride! an hour and more for every one it was so annoying!  I learnt my lesson and took my book on the second day... went really fast!
anyway back home and ready for the onslaught for term 3!



The Pink Elephant have a red, white & blue theme for their challenge this week and I LOVE this colour scheme, especially for boys! I knew the photo and what I was going to do straight away. I love it when a LO come together really quickly!!! especially when you are time challenged!    Aden was chosen to play footy on the MCG during the half time break and I have never seen anyone so excited (Mark especially!) we all went to watch himn and Mark went with him on to the ground to carry the McDonalds logo!