POOR CHRISTIE! & a Miracle!

My poor Christie is as sick as. She has got the flu and been in bed for two days. She is stressing about her SACS (vce talk) but as she has been to a doctor and has a medical certificate, I think that is OK. She can take the exams when she is feeling better. She had to get someone to fill in for her shift at the Aquatic Centre. More upset about that! as she is saving for SCHOOLIES and her SPEEDING FINE.

I went to say goodnight to Aden and I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!!!!!!!SHOCK! my boy Aden was reading a .............BOOK! A novel. I could not have been MORE PROUD!!!
He made me laugh though! He was actually reading the CHEAT notes of the novel! STILL it IS still READING! there is hope for him yet..........

Meanwhile I have made a couple of cards for a couple of girls 13th birthdays and working on a 3AS sketch. If I can print out the photos I want (if I can find them!) I will finish it tonight.
see ya! :)

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