Had a great time

Down the beach. We only stayed for two days, but gee is was fun. We had our annual progressive dinner party. I was on entree this year and I decided to make potato and leek soup. I had made it the day before and re heated while we were there. I did like it, but it IS my favourite soup! Judging by the requests for seconds I think they did too! the bowls WERE shallow though!
After, we all wandered down to Les & Rob's van for the main course. Delicious lamb shanks and mashed potato! Yummy! then on to Michelle & Wayne's van for dessert. Pavlova Roulade.
Delicious eh?! After copious amounts of alcohol........ we all headed home around 12 ish. Very full and satisfied. Bring on next year.
We drove to Torquay on the Saturday as Aden wanted to buy a new surfboard. Of course the one he had his heart set on will NOT be in until mid/late January (story of our lives) any way he settled on this.
and Lachlan bought these sunnies. He accidentally stepped on his old ones while he was packing and he was shattered, as they were his favs.

These are of the boys surfing. I am really loving the zoom lense! They were so far out and I can see their faces. Just lovin' it. If only I could work it properly!

3AS are having a SILENT AUCTION and challenges are posted every day. Quite good to get you back into the mood of scrapping.

any way going to watch a movie now!

see ya :)

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elizabeth said...

i am one sexy dude. Thank you for your comment. People confuse me for the Russell Crowe from Gladiator all the time.

Cleetus McDuffy