just love this.....

Lee gave me this little desk flip over book and I just love it. It has VERY politically incorrect and hugely funny little sayings and I will put some up over the next couple of posts.
These are a few little project from 3AS their Silent Auction. I need lots of little token things and these projects filled with a few treats will do the trick. If you need any instructions just email me and I will forward you to the links.

This Peek a boo house is adorable and looks fabulous! Took no time at all. Made from 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.Round card Christie is giving Dianne and passing off as her own (lol) nah only joking Di will see right through that!
Off to get some money from Medibank Private for Lachlan's braces. Won't be that much I'm sure! some times I wonder why we have Insurance! and Graduation shoes for Christie. "What about hair & make up mum?" Yeah what about it!!!! It's NOT a deb ya know! do your own !!!
Thank God I only have one of them..............................................

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