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Sorry for not showing the rest of the baby album!!!! Two reasons really, 1. I hadn't finished the birth details for the inside cover and 2. I can only show a few pages of this adorable bubby as I don't think Mummy & Daddy want their faces plastered over the Internet! However proud they may be!

Really happy with the way it has turned out! I have put a Hambly transparency between each page. I varnished the book with JoSonja's gloss varnish. Looks a treat. Must credit Donna Loughnan with this little book. Great little prezzie and so much fun to do...quick & easy.
I did this Looking for puddles at the retreat and just decided to get it finished! Probably looks a bit busy but I am happy with how it turned out. Really loving' the BG range ATM. Christie got a pair of gumboots for her 3rd birthday and she loved them s much she wanted to wear them with everything! always asking if it was going to rain so she could run through puddles. Still have the gumboots BTW!

This Christmas LO is a Donna Loughnan class that was done on the retreat. Not sure my eye was level when I attached this one! too many reds me thinks!

Christie is having her Maths exam as I type....she was a bit nervous this morning but I am sure she will do well ! fingers crossed. XXX

enough for now

see ya :)

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Sharon said...

Wow Ange, the baby album is absolutely beautiful and the transparencies between each page make such a difference. And some more gorgeous layouts by you!