got in touch with me regarding a LO that was accepted (ages ago) I thought they were not going to publish it after I sent it in to be photographed. I sent the material list along with everything, but they apparently misplaced it :( I don't care they want another list so I am so excited. Two down and another two to go! I have set myself a goal to get a LO of each child published AND to get something in SC! they are a hard nut to crack BUT I'll keep trying!This is a little "cake slice box" takes no time at all and perfect to fill with goodies for a token present!
Aden is doing exams at the moment and he rang me after his english one on Monday. "I think I did pretty good mum!" I was so pleased, until................"Yeah, I reckon I'll get about 50%" OMG I hate to see him NOT do well! from what he told me he wrote, I think he underestimated his expected mark (I'm hoping anyway!) He is such a sweetheart, he left these flowers for me the other day, picked from our garden. I don't know why they look so good, as I nor Mark, have any time to get in the garden. Well even if I had time I still wouldn't......not a fan!
I am going out for lunch with a mate today so I'd better scoot and get all the jobs done, so it looks like I haven't been on the computer all day LOL!
see ya :)

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