Even @ my age

Thunderstorms still scare the %^&* out of me! Yesterday morning we had a massive thunderstorm and it was so loud, I jumped right out of bed! 6.03 am to be precise and those who know me..............know I am NOT a morning person :( BUT I got up and got sooooo much done! Hey there is something to be said for getting up early! & I slept really well too. Might give it a go..................

Busy day today, I have to do all the running around today and Mark has been invited to some swish racing thing. He looked great in his suit when he was picked up.
This is from a blind challenge from 3AS. I did a few LO yesterday and I just have
journal and I will upload them!

see ya :)

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Sharon said...

I sure heard the storm too. It went for ages late the night before as my dog just barks nonstop then got woken at 6am too! We had heaps of rain and did you see the lightning! Wow. And I'm loving all the layouts you've been posting Ange!