I don't know what has come over Paddy...

But he wants to go bald! I think he is getting a hard time with the "RED HAIR THING" the word ranger (sp?) is bandied around a lot and he takes it with a laugh and a joke BUT last night he asked his PA if he could cut it all off! I compromised and said a Number 4 would be OK. He was so happy as you can see. He asked if all the red had gone and when it grows back will it still be red!! poor thing.
These are a a few of the entries for the Battle of the scrappers. They are not in any order I don't think. The first three were for a kit with two LO and an OTP to the value of $40.

This was only use 7 emb.
I don't think I really understood the criteria of this one. But I was happy with it anyway.
This is one I did at the retreat. I have just realised I need to put a second "run" in the title!

My friend Nai, has just told me she wants to go on the 3AS retreat with me WOO HOO. I am so excited. That's great Nai we will have a ball!!!!
off to do housework......again
it is a neverending job!

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