Check out the shoes!.......

These are simply gorgeous shoes! BLING PLUS! she couldn't decide which pair to buy, the gold pair or the black pair! so she bought both! Well she paid for one and I paid for one! ONE pair is going back tomorrow and I am having the money credited back into my account! After all the drama with bits'n'pieces...and a lot of tears...The black pair probably suited her dress more but she just LOVED the gold pair to bits and I said "Just wear the gold!" they look fabulous and they did!
The B****y hairdresser cut her fringe too short! what was I thinking.......you never get a haircut within a week of an important day!! :( what is it with hairdressers anyway? why are they so scissor happy!!!!!???????? One of her gorgeous friends came and saved the day with her calmness, encouragement! and hairdressing skills! She looked adorable and the shoes looked fabulous. I so need to go on a diet! I hate seeing photos of myself!
Mark's mum & dad came to the ceremony at the church. An hour and a half it went for! too long! I don't know why they have to incorporate a mass in to a graduation! We left home at 4.30 and got home at 2 am! too long for Mark's parents, but they wouldn't go home until the end so Christie would enjoy the night.
Anyway she had a great time and I think will remember the day for a long time to come!

This is another page from my Politically Incorrect flip book! just love it

take care!

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