So Proud......

Aden got Dux of his Furnishing class. He is only in Year 10 and this award includes all the Year 11 kids as well. I am so proud and so happy for him. He really deserves the accolade! He has worked so hard and has a real pride in his work. At the moment he is making a cabinet for our tv in the van, from the pictures, it looks fantastic. He finished school yesterday and he is going back today and tomorrow to finish it off!
He has a greenstick fracture in his big toe. He is devastated that he can't play basketball and continually telling me it is fine and he is in no pain. The Doc said take it easy, so I will let him make up his own mind. We are like the walking wounded at the moment! I can't walk as I have tendinitis in my foot. Don't know how it happened, but I do know it is painful!
In to the most busy period with the swimming! We have all the testing, certificates and bookings for next year! I didn't realise that we only have two weeks left and I haven't organised anything.

Another 2 pages from my POLITICALLY INCORRECT flip book

This is a challenge kit from 3AS Poppyberry Kit. We are coming to the end of the silent auction challenges and all the bidding will start at the end of the month. I will have to read the rules again, as I am unsure of what is going on. I will have to get a few extra challenges I missed out on to top up my stash (of money)
Christie is busy getting ready for Queensland! Buying a whole new wardrobe for her week up there. I just hope they don't get their faces plastered on the news or in the papers! Christie really only wants to go to some theme parks and shopping (at a girl!)
that's it for the moment!
see ya :)

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