My circle journal

My theme was 1987-2007 then and now. I travelled all around Canada and Europe for all of 1987 and twenty years on and things are so different. Just documented that. Although I lived a carefree selfish existence, and I am a virtual slave now (lol) I really wouldn't change a thing. I am extremely happy and fortunate to have a healthy family and a great husband and although 1987 was fantastic, I'd rather be here and now!This is Jacqui's take on my cj. The wheel turns round and reveals things about 87 and I just love how she has incorporated the SR papers and the colour theme.

This is Susan's. Fantastic page with the family photo. Haven't changed a bit Susan. She is having the time of her life NOW, with all the travelling, her kids have flown the coop and she is "spending their inheritance" LOL

This is Donna's page. I just LOVE anything Donna produces. She was a SM master in 2006 (I think) and she is one talented cookie. Just love how she continued the colour theme and used a bit of the SR paper too!

She hasn't changed a bit!! in twenty years!!!! This is Lisa's page. So bright and colourful.
There is no name on the next two, so I am going to get Sharon to see if she can work it out by the style.

Sharon & Noami are in the process of completing theirs and will hand over and I will just stick it in myself. Big thank you to Sharon for organising this......Not an easy task! thanks Sharon!

Almost finished my baby album and will post that tomorrow. Learnt the HARD way that Gesso is a primer and needs to be put on BEFORE you paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lucky I painted the back of my album first ARRRRRR! A sneak peek!

anyway off to bed....
see ya:)

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~Nancy~ said...

Wow.. this looks awesome! love how it turned out..and the theme is so cool too!!! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!