A Quicky coz I am TIME challenged!

Won't be long now and I shall have everything in its place and a place for everything! The place looks like a bomb hit it! I wish I had done one room at a time instead of them all at the same time.........now I really feel sick. I hate feeling disorganised!
Week two of the WP challenge and this week was ENVY. LO had to be in green and black , use some transparencies and be ENVY or GREED as the subject. My LO is that I have Photographic Envy! I cannot EVER seem to take a good photo! maybe I am too hard on myself, but I am always very critical. Mark & Christie, I don't think, have even taken a bad one! they are both extremely photogenic! So I am soooo envious of them! Aden, Lachlan & Patrick always seem to take decent pictures.....maybe that is why I am always BEHIND the camera.
Aden is partnering a girl doing her Debut tomorrow, so check in for the photos. I will try and load them in the afternoon, after they head off in their limo!
take care :)

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Jane Smith said...

Love your layout..Photography envy and that ribbon flower is amazing..thought I'd come over from WP to say hi!