Aden & Lachlan went to MSAC yesterday as part of the basketball team. Aden was coaching and there were NO arguments (whew). The boys won every game quite convincingly and were pipped at the post in the grand final by 4 points :( I watched most of the games, but I had to get back and missed the Granny! obviously I was the good luck charm lol.
Nothing really to show, still super busy with the start of term. I need to finish my "clean up" and I will be able to plow ahead. I wish I cold "BUY" time!!!!!! I reckon all I would need would be a week with no Hubby, Kids, sport, cooking, pool and NO INTERNET!!! It was down on Monday and consequently.........absolutely HEAPS got done.....don't tell DH that for goodness sakes lol.
I made this little 18th book for Danielle's party, really simple as she isn't a girly girl.

thats all for now

take care :)

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Melleny Ams said...

Well done to the boys - those photos are awesome.