Happy Mother's Day to me!!....

I had a beautiful mothers day! I did 4 loads of washing, raced to the supermarket to BUY the bacon, eggs & hash browns,made my own brekkie with the help of Lachlan, , watched two games of football (which we won!) and did the weekly shopping, made a flower arrangement for MIL and went out for dinner! whew! It was great though. I am very blessed to have such fantastic children! Sure they annoy the hell out of me sometimes and I lovingly call them the "Bloodsucking Leeches" but I love them to death and EQUALLY (contrary to popular belief!) My favourite IS THE CHILD that is not causing me any grief and annoying me! It varies from day to day! hour to hour on some days.
For my presents, which I don't really want them to buy presents. I really just love the NO COOKING for the day. anyway Christie went to Scraphaven
and bought a PIZZA BOX full of goodies. Heaps of PP and chipboard and ribbon, alphas, felt. It was just beautiful! AND I got a beautiful new dressing gown, the really super soft ones. I think they were sick of seeing me in the old one I have had for years..... AND a new spare battery for the baby! so all in all I did extremely well! The kids organised everything by themselves with no help from Mark....not that he did anything for his own mother either. I got the card & the flowers and arranged them!
It is really hard to get a photo of someone NOT pulling a face and all looking at the camera at the same time! ANY way happy with all these. I won't put them all up but this is the theme of them!
see ya :)

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