Aden partnered a girl making her debut last night and he looked so handsome in his suit. His partner looked just beautiful in her dress too! They had hired the limo and couldn't wait to get in there for a ride! An awfully long day for them, especially the girls getting their hair and make up done. It was A LOT more calm for us this time around with a boy. He got up and had some brekkie, had a shower, got in his suit and away we went....too easy! My niece made her debut last night as well and she looked divine.
I was really disappointed with my camera last night or should I say the person operating it (me!) I just couldn't get the settings right and when I went on night mode they looked too orangy and when I went on manual, too blurry! :( and then I thought stuff it I will use Auto...too washed out with flash and needless to say I didn't get the perfect photo.

Went to watch my little boys play footy today and they both played well and come away with wins. I took the camera with me (to cheer myself up by taking good photos!) I will have a look and upload some tomorrow.

take care :)

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