Patrick ran in his Cross Country today. He wasn't feeling well this morning ( I think I have given him my cold !) anyway I told him to suck it up (great mother eh?!) and I went to watch him run. He came in 7th and crossed the finish line and collapsed! one of the teachers said it looked like he fainted! Anyway I took him home and he is all snugly on the couch watching a movie. It is raining here at the moment so I couldn't think of anything better myself!

Just two little cards today......one for the card challenge at Wicked Princesses and the other just a birthday card for the stash! I am liking the card challenges as it is building up my cards. I have them there rather than panic making!

See ya :)

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Julie said...

Thanks for popping by my blog Angela. Love the cards here. My dd has her school cross country coming up soon. Not too sure how she'll go but she is so excited about it.