Not feeling too flash! :(

Got a bit of a cold and I think an ear infection so I am not feeling to good at the moment. BUT being a mum I will just soldier on lol! coz mums DON'T get sick! Scrapbook Creations arrived in the mail yesterday and my LO from the blind scrap at 3AS was in there and that was a real buzz! Same child (the golden one!) I only have Aden to go. It has photographed a lot yellower than the original.

Week three at Wicked Princess

the theme this week is WRATH! only red, black and white and what makes your blood boil and what makes you angry. My girlfriend used me as her "model" a few years ago (she was doing theatrical makeup) and when I was browsing and saw this photo I knew I had to use it LOL! After all this is my scary face! I reckon I deserve a medal for having this photo of myself on the Internet!
see ya :)

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