50 games Patrick - CONGRATULATIONS!

Patrick celebrated his 50 games of football yesterday with a win and 3 goals! Mark & I made the banner through the week for him and another little fella also celebrating his fiftieth. It started to drizzle and the fine spray was getting to the banner that was left in readiness to the start of the game. Can you imagine what WET CREPE PAPER looks like (nasty!) anyway the fathers unfurled the banner to the letters sticking together YIKES!!! after a quick fix..... they were ready. A fantastic win for the boys and I think they are on top of the ladder! ( So I heard for one of the boys....I never pay attention to scores or stats!) Paddy kicked three goals and played really well. That is all you want for your milestone game!
sorry this post was really for nana!
see ya :)

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Sally Westcott said...

Congratulations Patrick!

Hey I'm your 3,000th visitor!

Great blog!