Always busy around here!

Been quite busy this week and I just scraped in with my Wicked Princess LO this week! I just love this picture of Patrick sleeping. I could just sit and watch him for hours......(that is because I was so bloody sleep deprived I COULDN'T get up lol) This weeks theme was SLOTH. A light blue mono LO with stitching and two hand-made and non scrapping embellishments. I used a facewasher for the flower and stamped and put together the clock.

Another bit of exciting news.....I got this in the mail the other day! A NZ magazine published my LO of Christie dancing. So exciting!

Yesterday, I watched Aden compete in the CAS (Catholic All Schools) cross country at Bundoora. The poor kid has caught my cold and his nose was running like a tap and he looked miserable. I had to resist the urge to give him a tissue as he ran past me! Imagine the telling off I would get! I was so proud of him, he ran 6 ks in 22.55 and came 5th. Not sure if he goes on or not

GOT SOME really exciting news this morning........stay tuned!

see ya ;)

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