Tell me if I am being unreasonable......

I made an appointment with a curtain mob to have new ones made. I rang and they said they would be at my house around 10 am....no problem. I went outside and my 11 year old Patrick was sick and home from school. The man knocked on my door and Paddy answered and I think he thought I was in the house and asked the man to come in......now here is where I get angry! My husband or I would NEVER enter a house until an ADULT asked us in. When I finally came inside this man was walking around my family room! At first, I was initially frightened as I knew Patrick was inside and I didn't know who he was....walking around my house and I couldn't concentrate once I realised who he was and I just wanted him out! needless to say I haven't ordered through his company! Am I being weird?

This weeks Wicked Princess Challenge is gluttony!
At first I read the criteria as sewing, distressing, inking, stamping etc. pick 2 of the following and have six emblies and, doodling and have the colour orange somewhere and I made this......
filled all the criteria. The journaling reads..."since Lee started working full time, we never get to catch up anymore. Our families get together every Sunday for dinner and we share a bottle and talk about our week. Sometimes, if it has been a busy one.......we crack open another one..or two"
I quickly re checked before I uploaded and the FIRST line was It had to have a picture of me or my kids stuffing their faces! UGG!!! I quickly got the kids to take some photos and SPEED SCRAPPED this. Not too bad, I really love the CRATE PAPER at the moment.
This is the bonus card. Orange and the greeting had to have EAT CAKE and have 2 hand made emblies. Just realised....Not a fan of Orange either! So that is purple and orange now! And they DO look nice together.
Speaking of SPEED SCRAPPING.....Amanda over at SCRAP AROUND THE CLOCK has set a speed challenge. Check it out.
well that's all from me....for now!

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Susanne Perry said...

Hi Ange, you are totally not being unreasonable, I wouldn't have gone with that company either & I would have been severely annoyed to say the very least. Having a trade background myself I have very set ideas on how trades people & the like should behave in other people's homes. Even before I had the safety of kids to think about I once asked a guy we had over quoting us for wardrobes to leave as he basically threw his briefcase down on our bed & proceeded to lounge himself side ways across the entire bed to fill out his paperwork, really gave me the creeps.

BTW Congrats on the DT possie & for stopping by my blog too