Braces & I'll be broke for the next 4 years!!

Lachlan had his braces put on today and all afternoon the poor thing had such an achy mouth. I have drugged him up but all he could manage for dinner was some mashed potato! Well hopefully he feels better tomorrow because they are on for the next 18-24 months!!!! I have given him the horror stories that if he doesn't brush his teeth properly, he will have black marks around the silver bits (whatever they are called). I think I have scared him silly and he is brushing as I type!

I have had a look at Aden's memory card and he truly is a scrapbookers son! Before he left I asked him to take pictures with HIM in them and pictures that would also be self explanatory. I love this one below.

I also asked him to take a picture of the road he was on or a fence line to show how long they were travelling and how there was nothing between them but miles and miles and more miles............. something arty!
This is what he come up with! I laughed and laughed. I just love it. When I asked Christie to take the same picture when she went to NT, she took a picture of a fence FRONT ON! Sometimes I wonder if we are related!?!
Mark still hasn't loaded my camera program yet, so I am unable to show my photographic masterpieces! He wants to back everything up in case we lose what we already have.
After I stop procrastinating with my 3AS challenge, I will be able to get stuck into my two LO and OTP item and send it off. The deadline is 19th October. I have a good idea of what I am going to do but keep wanting to add bits which make it more than the $40. I have changed my mind about the OTP item 5 times. Then I can get back to my other stuff! It feels like I haven't done anything for ages......
Time....just need more time!
anyway going to finish watching Prison Break. Sara is back from the dead!
see ya :)

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