Watch out on the roads!

Well he had his LEARNERS for all of a week and already his father has REFUSED to take him anymore! Lasted longer than Christie, which was 3 days! His LOOK and MY LOOK (to the right) are VERY different. I know I am going grey, this is very scary. Although after the initial first drive, where he scared the S**t out of me, he had become rapidly competent (just ask him).
I have to do this two more times UGG.
My beautiful, and very creatively talented friends and I went to Woodend on Friday for a catch up birthday lunch ( all our birthdays are within the week) We spent most of the day there, looking through all the shops. I definitely will be going back, the shops are amazing and many things very very reasonably priced and items I hadn't seen before. We had a lovely lunch, I had this lasagna that was soooo high and absolutely delicious. Must ditch the SaraLee and go back to making it, tastes so much better.
Christie and her friends went to an 18th on Saturday night and the theme was "Mexican" They all came here for a gathering and to paint themselves. I was really impressed with the effort they put into looking the part. I think I wrecked my good brush pens painting on their moustaches! A couple actually had hairy mo's and they looked great. It was good when they finally left though!
Spent a little while putting my new camera's program onto the computer. I have only one or two photographic masterpieces to show as Mark was yelling at me, "You NEED to delete what you don't want!" I have a MAJOR problem with DELETE!!!!! I have 5 SD cards that are full and I can't bring myself to delete, even though I have uploaded and printed the photos. Weird I know, but I can't help myself. I am working on it.

Anyway! All the arty farty ones I had to delete because HE WHO SHOULD BE OBEYED......was carrying on about no memory left on this BLOODY computer because it's filled up with YOUR CRAFT SH*T. Well, he has NO appreciation for FINE ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY. We are the losers here folks............

Paddy is annoying everybody with his insistence that he perfect the didgeridoo!
I will be able to show some LO now that I have finished my 3AS project! It has dominated my thoughts over the past couple of weeks.
anyway enough for now
see ya :)

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