Mark, Lachlan & I went to the QVC for lunch today and bought my birthday present!! A bouncing 2kg Cannon DSLR 450D and 250mm lense. OOH I am in love! It is just beautiful and I am sure it will fit RIGHT in to our family. Now..........just gotta figure out how to use it LOL!
the guy in the shop was super helpful and I learned a little. He reckons just play play play and experiment (while holding the manual!) Can't wait to start using it! Mark said I won't be able to play until Saturday as he is going to wrap it and give it to me on the day..............I DON'T think so! 1. The lazy bugger wouldn't wrap anything if his life depended on it and 2. He wouldn't know WHERE the wrapping paper WAS! As soon as that battery charger is charged, in goes the 2GB card they threw in and away I go!! Stay tuned for some masterpieces.

While we were there, we also had a look in DOMAYNE for an outdoor suite for outside. Well of course the one I like is $9000 typical! Anyway, by the time Mark finally agrees with me, it will be :

1.no longer in stock

2. sold out

3. won't be available in Australia until May 09.

4. no longer comes in that colour.

Aden got his Learners today so keep off the roads.

Anyway got an hour free, so I am going to tackle my 3 ANGELS challenge.

see ya :)

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Sharon said...

Ange, you'll absolutely love this Canon baby! I've got an EOS 400D and it takes the best shots ever! There's still loads I probably don't know about the camera so it's just a matter of practicing and getting familiar with the manual or doing an online class or two! Have fun with it!!