SOOO Waterlogged!!

I have to do a 2 day course to update my AUSTSWIM. I have so much water in my ears, I am sure it will be seeping out tonight when I go to bed. I can't hear a thing! I feel a bit silly being there, I have been teaching for longer than they have been alive! There was a lady in the class that was a total pain!!! she knew everything and told us so........she contradicted the lecturer a couple of times, I don't think she was too popular by the end of it. Got to deal with her again tomorrow! ugg

There is movement at the station........Mark has placed all the sheets around the fireplace and connected it! We sat around it last night with a friend and had a few drinks, very nice! I cannot wait until I have it all finished.

Now I will have to start the pressure about the outdoor setting I WANT!!

I went to PAPERIFIC on Friday with my girlfriends. It was fantastic! Heaps of different and new things I haven't seen before. I got a few things to get me started at my retreat this weekend. Hopefully I can organise my photos before Friday........

3AS has a new SILENT AUCTION going at the moment and you earn money for different tasks and challenges. The first was to clean your scrap area/desk!!!! and upload before and after shots for bonus money. Too easy, I had to clean up for the retreat anyway so good excuse to get started. Those who know me....know I am MESSY when being creative!

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